How to Develop a Solid Vision for your Life

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Over the years, I have made it a habit of planning my day the night before. When I turn off my laptop for the night, or close a book I was reading, I spend quiet moments in which I find myself mentally arranging the next day – the must-dos, the priorities, and family activities. And as I say a prayer and thank God for today, I feel blessed and relaxed because some how, I sense tomorrow (which is in itself a gift), is already planned and will be OK. Satisfied, I rest peacefully, tomorrow's vision firmly implanted in my mind. And I wake up the next day, ready to tackle the tasks ahead of me.

On a grander more important level, what is your vision for your life?

Do you know that most people really do not have a solid vision or direction for their lives? Of course, we all admire those who have 'made it' – those leaders who run our communities, businesses, schools, churches, etc; but how about you? Do you have dreams, are you working on them and do you believe – deep down – that one day, you will be living your dream life? Are you able to see into your future beyond today's circumstances?

What fundamentaly aligns us to our purpose is where we believe we deserve to be and should be doing in the future.

The foundation that sets you up for a meaningful life is the vision you have for yourself. Where do you see yourself in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from today? It can't be where someone else sees you. This vision has to be specific and deeply embedded in your being.

Many people have resigned themselves to life as it is – "well, whatever life throws at me, I will take it" – unable to see beyond their current circumstances; working jobs which they hate,  living in apartments that are way too small and dingy, yet, feeling completely overwhelmed as far as taking the necessary steps to bring about change. "Well, God has blessed others, not me. I will get by and hope my children live better lives". Wrong, wake up and give your life some direction!

In order to have a vision, you have to have a dream. What would you rather be doing with your time -  building your own successful business, getting to the top of your company, becoming a manager at work, writing a book, giving back to the community, etc? Is it your dream to live in a gated community, buy a home for your parents, travel around the world, etc?

Internalize and embrace these dreams. Don't dismiss them like so many do. Our dreams are neither triffling, laughable, nor impossible! They are stars to be followed toward our destiny.

Now that you know what your dreams are, create a vision for your life. This is like a mission statement. You should be able to understand it, clearly articulate it, before you can see yourself achieving it.  My vision for myself has always been to work for myself. I simply cannot, and categorically refuse to work for somebody else. I have to be successfully and gainfully self-employed. Which leads me to ask, what's your vision is for yourself?

So now you know where you are going, it's time to get busy! What are your objectives? What are you looking to accomplish? What end do you have in mind? These questions will help you set goals progressively along your journey. Push yourself by setting timelines; this challenges you to work harder than you normally would.

Goals are very important. Let's say your destination is point Z. In order to get there, you must first start at point A. Set goals and ground them on a solid WHY. Why must you get to the next point B? Is it to move your family to a safer neighborhood? Is it to pay for your child's tuition? Is it to help sponsor orphans? Or even to generate a steady income stream that'll allow you to quit your job and become a full-time parent? The bottomline line is, you can't afford not get to point B! From point B, you'll find that getting to C, D, etc will flow naturally.

Success is all about a dream planted in your heart and a plan you have hatched in your mind which must be executed with determination. Always remember that determination is the bridge between dreams and goals.

Life is indeed a journey and the vision you have for yourself should be your guide, a compass of sorts. The right opportunities, the hows and the people to help you always show up. Don't let the past hold you back, instead let it propel you into the future.

Most successful people knew they were going to be successful long before they achieved great things.



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