Personalities are as diverse and different as there are people. We do however have common traits with others and that’s what makes life fun – we are all so different and bring something unique and special to the table. It is easier to deal with people when you understand their personality type. A one-size fits all approach usually doesn’t work in leadership, because different gifts and talents need to be used and molded in different ways. Our goal shouldn't be to change another person into who we want them to be, but we all can inspire one another to be better.

Here are some personality types you are sure to encounter.

Doubters: Tend to be skeptical and or undecided. They would listen to what you say and predictably reply with ‘But’. They usually point out the worst. They can easily frustrate you with their caution, uncertainty and need for reassurance. They need gently direction.


Enthusiasts: Always eager to embrace anything new, different and exciting. They are usually open to fresh ideas and opportunity. Although they might be easy to get into your business, it is just as easy for them to loose interest. They might lack the ability to stay on course.


Rationals: Hungry for data, statistics and facts. Very difficult to sell to. You usually have to be diligent and on-point when dealing with them. They need to be supplied with figures, deadlines and guidelines. They often see ‘the potential’ in network marketing.


Emotionals: Highly sensitive people, they need the comfort of knowing they are valued. How you say things to them often means more than you say. They can easily misinterpret nuances, so tread softly. “This feels right,” is a phrase you commonly hear from them.


Freedoms: Often unconditional, they float through life as a free,unfettered spirit. They are good at writing their own rules and usually do not thrive in structured environments. They are usually a great fit for network marketing.


Independents: Self-contained, and self-reliant, independents prefer to do things their own way and in their own time. They prefer to feel they are making their own decisions and have the capability to succeed at whatever they put their minds on.


Nesters: They usually lack security, often depending on others for support. They usually need to be encouraged and gently led to independence.They are the ones who often ask “What do you think?” Needing someone else’s stamp of approval. Although they may be the last to leave the nest, they have the ability to fly high when properly nurtured. Extremely loyal, they can very easily be scared away as well.


Pleasers: Easygoing and amicable, they are always first to volunteer whenever they can and are happiest when they are appreciated for their efforts.They tend to ‘mother’ everyone around them.


Powerhouses: Always want things done their way. Controlling personalities, they seek time in the limelight and always seek to be in command. Very easily overwhelming, they might be difficult to work with, but often make dynamic and productive leaders.


Quiet Achievers: usually deceptive as they don’t push themselves forward. They’re good listeners and quietly perform at a high level. They can easily be overlooked. But with their calm inner strength, can be hardworking and determined individuals.


Seekers: They are all about status, titles and success. They seek recognition of their achievements and are all about the incentives like cars and travel benefits.


Social-Lights: The bright lights who attract others. They love being around others and people love being around them. They make great hostesses and event promoters. Great in a network marketing team.


Which type are you?






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