My 10 Commandments of Life


1. There are two kinds of friends: those who love you for who you are, and those who 'love' you for what you can offer.

2. Your opinion of yourself is what matters most. Make no excuses for who you are, but also learn to accept others for who they are.

3. You are only limited by your thoughts. Your mindset ultimately determines the quality of your life.

4. Be a fountain of love and a spring of inspiration others can drink from. An open hand seldom lacks.

5. You must ask in order to receive — but the smart thing is to ask from those that are capable of giving.

6. Focus on what works and learn to hold yourself accountable. Stop complaining, avoid making excuses, and be determined to win. Everyone encounters challenges, the difference is in how we handle them.

7. Very few will be there for you during tough times – don't be surprised. However, in times of triumph and success, many will be in your corner.

8. People seldom say what they really mean. Always listen keenly to what is not being said, for truth resides in the silence beyond spoken words and in the body language. 

9. Love easily but trust slowly. Seek to surround yourself with understanding friends and loyal associates.

10. There's a solid rock you can always stand on, His name is Jesus. Faith connects us to the desires of our hearts.


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