The Joy of a Reassuring Word

Special photo of a flower my daughter picked for me on her way home after school

Abby's flower


I hope this passage inspires you.

Sometimes the very desire for action leads to the neglect of action. We're so busy searching for the perfect opportunity, the most effective method, the favorable moment, that we not only disqualify ourselves for the mission and miss the joy, but an urgent need is left unanswered.

I have often experienced the pull of an inner voice, urging me to call a friend who is in need. Invariably, I address the urge by checking my watch to see if the time is appropriate, or by mentally re-prioritizing my schedule to accommodate a more convenient arrangement.

Born of genuine concern for my friend, my determination to provide the most propitious response thwarts the entire effort. The perfect moment never arrives: there is never a convenient time.

When my friend most needed simply to hear a reassuring voice, I wasn't available. I was busy rearranging God's schedule. Are you too?

Joy Mackenzie

Reach out to someone special right now, do something you've been putting off. Now is the perfect time.


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  1. You are very true and i agree with your thoughts and as concern to is that not only some time but every time we used to delay from expressing our feeling at the right time and after that we always feel guilty & ashamed

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