“Be still & know that I am Lord”. When the spirit of JEZEBEL comes at you

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PrayersYou've had an enjoyable Easter Sunday … with friends and family like most of us did this past Sunday, and you are geared up for a productive week ahead of you … starting with a cramped and crazy Monday at the office. That is how my yesterday began.

So, I see an email from this individual whom I'm not particularly keen on reading from titled "Happy Easter". I am planning to delete it at some point without so much as opening it. I get a call from a friend, asking if I had seen it and I said yes and decided, hey for the fun of it, why not read it?! And just like I thought, there weren't any surprises. It had been sent out to an e-group and copied to another lady and I – we are the subjects of the crazy and nonsensical rantings of the sender.

Here's how it read: "Hello Ladies, I hope that all is well with you and yours. I wanted to take this opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of my two frienemies.

Please know that when you let JEALOUSY, ENVY, GREED, UNNECESSARY COMPETITION & BITTERNESS eat you up, you will become MISERABLE. There is really NOTHING any of us can do to stop anybody's gift or breakthroughs from God. Not even going to 'medicine houses' can do anything when God is in control.

And so on that note, I'd like my two frienemies to relax and let God have his way. Maybe that's why you both are so miserable in your xxxxxx????:D big grin You will NEVER be me and I will NEVER be you.

See you both at the ***** CONVENTION!!!! Feel free to leave the room when I speak! Childish women/mothers!!!!!

Happy Easter to you and yours."

The only thing that kinda surprised me was the fact that I had not talked to or had any dealings with this individual for several months, I don't think about her and she is not a part of my life or thoughts in anyway, shape or form. So why is she sending this out about me on the worldwide web? She is so irrelevant to my existence that I was a little bit taken aback that she even thinks about me. And to send this to an email group, I thought that was ridiculous. But like everything else, there's a lesson to be learned here.

As human beings, we encounter attacks everyday … people talk about us behind our backs, make up stories that are not rooted in reality; and create scenarios that only exist in their dark minds. Then they put it out to the world and hope some will believe them.

The truth is just that we need to be careful about the things we say, because our words are mirrors into our hearts … they portray our innermost thoughts and beliefs especially about ourselves. They do not always paint a true picture of others, but they are always a direct reflection of us.

Whenever someone comes at you, it is not about you, it's about the things that eat them up and keep them awake at night. They see the world as THEY are … this has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. Regardless of the temptation at hand, never make their reality, your reality by rubbing shoulders with them, for their goal is usually to lure you into their twisted world. Remember the saying, "misery loves company"?

But then, who does this? Who goes on the attack where there's no battle? Her name is Jezebel.

This morning, just before I left for the office, I checked Facebook and the first update on my timeline was by Linda J. McCoy … I felt like she was speaking to my situation about my continuous struggles with this individual who just refuses to leave me alone. Here's how it read:

"The Jezebelle Spirit has ruled in our homes and Churches for far too long . When the Jezebellic woman / man becomes a Christian and is not delivered of the spirit of Jezebel, she/he could very well become a Charimatic witch/warlock . They will turn to prayer to try and get things their way ……trying to override the will of GOD in others life . Their prayers become curses instead of blessings. The Bible tells us to bless those who despitefully use you . This spirit is an angry spirit and wants to project their misery on to any and everyone that they can control . They really believe that everyone else can have demonic possession except them . Not realizing that they are fighting demons within themselves . The Spirit of pride, arrogance and holier than thou make them proud and arrogant . Some are tormented by the spirits of lust and pornography, and many times lose this battle with in themselves…..you must guard your heart against this spirit at all cost it is dangerous steer clear from them and pray for their deliverance……..I luv all ya'll…..have a Wonderful Day !"

Thank you Linda!

Beware of the Jezebelles of the world … they are abrasive and aggressive, they are conniving and controlling; striveful, they come to steal your joy and are agents of misery; they are tortured, wounded souls that no one wants to be around; they would quote the bible and sometimes present themselves as bona fide "prayer warriors" … but the truth is, as is said in the bible, "by their fruits you shall know them" – if someone continuously spews hate, strife, dirt, negativity … that's a sure sign that you need to get as far away as possible from them… and hey, don't be surprised if they don't give up and continue in pursuit of you.

Guess what? There's an antidote and His name is Jesus. I always say, and I say it many times a day, "My children, my husband, my mother, my brothers and sisters, my family and friends are covered by the blood of Jesus and no agent of satan has a place in my life. I rebuke the devil and his agents … I choose the healing and loving power of the risen Christ. Christ is the solid rock on which I stand. He is my source and my anchor. He is the answer."

Let's be happy and rooted firmly in the Lord. And let's remember that FAVOR comes from God always.

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