Enjoy the Journey you are on

"The world is good-natured to people who are good natured," William Makepeace Thackeray

The great thing about life is that we get to decide whether to enjoy it or not. The time to be happy, satisfied and hopeful is now. Don't put it off for when you have enough money, more time, working your dream job, lying on the beaches, etc.

We each have unique strengths and talents, different dreams and experiences and are on paths that may seem alike, but fueled by different motivations. This variety is what makes ours "the human race". There's beauty in our differences and when we learn to respect that, we connect with ourselves at a higher level because our focus shifts from criticing to appreciating.

Let go and enjoy the journey. Here's how:

1.Focus on building relationships. The world is a lot bigger than you and there's more to it than your mind can ever imagine. Be genuinely curious about people and what makes them tick. Focus on building relationships instead of pushing an agenda.

2. Get rid on the ache deep inside your heart – the ache of unrealized dreams. We all have them — things we want to do, wish we had done or look forward to doing. Plan deligently and tick them off your list. You owe it to yourself to indulge. Take the plunge and enjoy the swim. We sometimes think too hard about things and talk ourselves out of pursuing our dreams. There is so much satisfaction in doing something you never did before.

3. Define yourself. What's important to you, what drives you, what would you like to be remembered for? Let these things guide you. Remember that people are different – some are driven to make a million in sales, while you might only be looking to supplement your income with the same business. Set boundaries that keep folks in their lanes and you in yours. To enjoy your journey, you must not be too caught up in what everyone thinks about you.

3. Be of service. Volunteering and being of service helps release "happy hormones" in us. We automatically feel good whenever we serve in the community, at church, school, in another organization, etc. It takes your mind off the pressure and makes you feel "useful". Give and serve; it's good medicine.

Be of good cheer!


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