Basic Sales Techniques: How to get customers to buy from you

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Customers are the lifeblood of every legitimate business. Without them, it's impossible to generate income and hence senseless to be in business. Getting customers to consume your product or service involves sales.

Here are basic sales techniques to help you grow a solid customer base:

Always start with an appointment, preferably with the decision maker. This shows that you are professional and serious about your business. Always tell them the reason for the meeting in advance — dispels tension. The more appointments you set-up, the faster your business grows.

Focus on the customer. LISTEN so that you can understand exactly what they need, then show them why they should do business with you. Be sincere, empathetic, and encourage dialogue.  Handle objections maturely. Remember that the customer really doesn't care about you, so make it all about them. You are there to help, and to serve.

Ask for a commitment. This is like making a deal. Remember you are in business to make money and both the customer's time and yours are too precious to be wasted. For example, "If I can show you how to generate an extra $500 a month on a part-time basis would you seriously consider joining me?" "If I can show you how my product can help you save $15 every month, would you try it?" Never give an ultimatum.

Be Specific. Show them exactly how your product or service will solve a problem, make life easier or add more value to their lives or business. Show them that your product or service is EXACTLY what they need. Use words which paint a picture they can visualize and don't get too technical. How would you know to? By listening to them (point #2).

Use numbers to quantify the benefit. Most people like to see dollars. Show them the money by breaking down how much they can save or make in specific dollar amounts. Never discuss abstracts.

Close the sale. This is the part that most salespeople pull back from, but is definitely the most important. Don't be too lengthy in your presentation, make sure you have covered every angle, ask them if there's anything else they would like to know and then ASK FOR THEIR BUSINESS. Don't propose that they think about it, sleep over it, etc.Here are some examples:

"I have the subscription form right here. We can get this started…"

"I have an order form right here, I'll go ahead and start the paperwork…"

If it's a network marketing presentation, I always prefer, "When do you see yourself getting started?" The prospect will either sign up right away or give you their word on they would be ready.

Different types of sales might require different lines, but remember to be specific, to lead them gently to the finish line and be sure to deliver a great product. Never be aggressive, impatient, rude or pushy, it's a turn-off.

Ask for referrals. This ensures continuous flow of business. If you did a good job, conducted yourself professionally and built rapport, people will aways give you referrals even if they do not buy your product.

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