Do What You Can with What You Have


Do you find yourself putting off starting a business, a relationship, having kids, buying that house, doing something nice for another, making that important call, or going on that trip?  Don't let fear, money problems, or current circumstances stop you. Circumstances will never be perfect enough, the stars won't align nicely signalling "it's time to start". Whatever it is, the time is NOW – the moment that thought pops into your mind and won't go away. I encourage you to do what you can, with what you have at this stage of your life. It is not too little, too soon, or too late.

A burning desire is enough to crank the engine.When you can't sleep, and find yourself excited and gushing over an idea, take action.  Always remember that the most important thing to do is start. Never let that deep down yearning go to waste. Use it to build a solid foundation for your empire.

Small Beginnings. You don't need a loan from the bank. With the economy as bad as it is, banks are quite stingy these days and most individuals are not in a position to qualify for these loans anyway. The good news is, the skills you possess and the internet, place you on a level playing field. It is possible to start a small business from home today and build on it over time without all the belts and whistles of a traditional business structure like renting an office building, buying furniture, stocking up inventory, and hiring staff. This certainly makes starting more 'do-able'.

Self-Believe. Are you confident in yourself? Do you believe you have what it takes? Don't talk yourself out of a great opportunity just because of you are afraid to fail …  get excited at the prospect of success and shout, "I can do this!" You have what it takes … give yourself a chance.

Beware of Dream-stealers. Be careful who you share your dreams with. When you find yourself at that juncture where you are crossing into the "I am going to take this chance" lane, preserve your plans and keep them to yourself — well, maybe you can share with a few chosen ones. People who discourage you – a spouse, a sibling, a friend, family members, coleagues – love you and care for you; they might even think they are looking out for you by 'convincing' you not to "take that risk", saying things like, "these things don't work," "Your cousin got involved and failed," "why not focus on your job?" "You are wasting your time," etc, etc, etc. These conversations sow seeds of doubt in your mind — and make you second-guess yourself, which in my opinion is very dangerous. Do not let this happen.

In short, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Go for it!


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