An Entrepreneur’s Best Asset: YOUR STORY – How it Helps you Connect

Being able to share your story and listen to the stories of others helps a speaker connect with his audience. Stories make us approachable, relate-able and believeable … being able to share your story is usually the first step towards forming any kind of business bond.

Here's an article posted on DUNIA MAGAZINE which highlights the uniting power behind our stories: Stories Connect Cultures By Gideon F. For-mukwai, MA, CEM

What do you think is common between a boy born growing up in the hinterlands of Cameroon in Africa and another boy born growing up in a sub-urban San Francisco Bay Area neighborhood? If you had asked me that question two weeks ago, I‘d have told you, “NOTHING!”

If you ask me that same question today, I‘ll say “STORIES!” Yes, I can say stories, thanks to a new realization; I now prefer to call it a new a fascination with stories that connect. Apparently, there is an invincible thread of stories that connect all of us, regardless of whether we were raised in a suburban neighborhood in the U.S.A., an African village or cave in Siberia.

Recently, I was engaged to present a series of African storytelling sessions at local libraries in Washoe County, Nevada. I did not expect to uncover any surprises. All I wanted to do was to tell stories and in the process also listen to my audience share their own stories, and bits and pieces from their pasts. Little did I know I was in for some amazing parallels and poignant moments.

By the end of the second day of presenting the stories, I was dumbfounded by what I found to be invincible similarities, stories and events that have shaped us. Regardless of where participants came from, we observed some very unique details that connected us from America, to Russia, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong; from Cameroon, Egypt, and more. These were not the types of details that we expected …. continue reading

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