The Pessimist (A Poem)

First posted on Dunia Magazine


by Ernest Alanki

I had a Pessimist friend on Pessimist Road, Pessimist Road in Pessimist Town, who had a friend, Worry, Worry who worried next door. Together they defeated Positivity, and brought Negativity to visit. No hope, no future, no success, bright days wallowed in dark seasons.

My friend kept dull company for a friend, a team that made us all worry. His children moaned and did not play, his wife screeched and did not laugh. Stay away from those kids, we admonished our children. Hide from that man, lest his curse comes to bear upon you. Talk not to that woman, lest she makes a shrew of you. In the shadows of our homes we scolded and scowledcontinue reading


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