first written June 8th, 2010


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This weekend my husband and I traveled to the Dominican Republic for a company sponsored vacation with several other leaders who have made it to the top of the network marketing company we are a part of. It was an all expense paid vacation in the very very beautiful Moon Palace Resorts on the beautiful island of Punta Cana. For 4 days we were wined and dined … it was awesome.

During this trip, I kept thinking about how far I have come personally in the past 5 years from living pay-check to pay-check to now spending time in a 5 star resort at age 34. Has my journey been all smooth? NO – there have been struggles and doubts. Have I come a long way? Sure YES – it's taken years of hard work on both myself and our businesses. Did I see this coming …. ummmm, I would say I always wanted to live a free and comfortable life and we are well on our way.

Here are some notes from my dairy, lessons learned that have made all the difference. I believe that these 4 tips, simple yet powerful, if embraced and internalized, will help launch you to another level.

1. Your greatest asset is your UNIQUENESS

How often do we doubt ourselves, wishing we looked like someone else, behaved like someone else, talked like someone else? How many times have we felt intimidated, felt that we are not good enough, or do not have what it takes to be successful? The world wants to make you feel inferior either because of race, skin color, gender, background, accent, etc. Don't be fooled – you have what it takes in your own very special way.

Look closely at the successful people around you, especially those who have made an impact on the world. You will notice how different and unique they all are … the common thread being that they are winners who refused to quit, each gently shaking the world in unique ways. YOU have something no one else has, you have experiences that count, unique talents that make you stand out and your journey should be unlike anybody's.

Inorder to soar, we must accept who we are, discover and embrace our talents, while at the same time recognizing and accepting that we have shortcomings. It is OK to have shortcomings, nobody is perfect. … no body is everything, but everyone is something. Be authentic and build the life you deserve on the foundation of your God-given gifts and talents. Refuse to be paralyzed by shortcomings.

Be original. It is very important to love yourself first … not because you are perfect, but because you are good enough. The flaws, the defects can be worked on as we self-improve. Accepting that we are not perfect, yet striving to be the best at what we do screams self-confidence.

2. There's power in giving

I believe human beings are born with a natural urge to take, take and keep taking. When we become adults, our sense of entitlement increases, we tend to believe the world and those around us, OWE US! They are supposed to do things for us and behave in ways we expect them to. We light up when people give to us, do us favors and support us. And we forget how much power there is in giving, in sowing; we forget that someone somewhere needs to receive from us as well.

Giving automatically triggers blessings – it is hard to explain why, but this is a fundamental wealth principle that stems from the bible. When we sow into other people's lives, God pours an abundance of blessings into ours. Life is a game of give and take.

Today, stop and ask yourself how much you have given, especially to those you are expecting to receive from.

This giving doesn't have to be financial – it can be in the form of a genuine encouraging word, helping someone through difficulties, sowing into a friends's business, helping them perform a task. Giving is that one act we can never go wrong performing. Moreover, the sense of satisfaction that comes with it is out of this world.

Your good deeds are never wasted … even when they're unappreciated. Sure it is not uncommon for givers to feel 'taken advantage of' … especially when everyone around is in constant expectation mode. Like a tap that flows and flows, you may sometimes feel drained, but remember that your blessings truly stem from that selflessness.

If you've been stuck at the same point for too long in your business, at your job where you are not being promoted, or even in your personal life … I guarantee you, it just may be because you are too focused on YOU and not giving enough of yourself, your time, your talents, your finances to others. Give just so you can be a blessing to someone and watch what happens.

3. It's OK to work hard

Hard work is beautiful (did you hear that?) … especially when geared toward your passion, your purpose, on something that brings satisfaction. Most of us are too afraid of hard work and hence miss out on our dreams. "I want to be this, but it is going to take a lot of work … so I'll let it slide."

I have noticed that we all work hard at something – most of us at jobs we do not like just because of the convenience and "security" of a paycheck while building someone else's dream. What about yours? How about the purpose you were born for? Hard work is good, nothing is more gratfying than watching your life take on the direction you've always wanted it to. Hard work is satisfying.

Meanwhile laziness breeds un-fulfillment, a sense of waste. Fail to pursue your dreams is like living a life with nothing but a long "to-do list" of priorities that never get done. Don't be lazy on yourself. Fold up your sleeves and dive in. Do whatever it takes. Today's hard work paves the way for a beautiful tomorow.

4. Always take time to enjoy your blessings

There are lots of things in life that money can't buy, gifts that we have the tendency to take for granted. To be alive is a wonderful gift … to have a roof over your head, to have people who care for you, to have a source of livelihood, etc … these are all priceless. How about health, freedom … basic human gifts that we often take for granted until we lose them. I remember this song we used to sing growing up, "count your blessings, name them one by one and you will be amazed at what the Lord has done." So true, enjoy your life, appreciate this moment and do not be too hard on yourself.

Think about millions of people worldwide who would like to be in your place, who will give anything to have the things you have … but may never be so blessed. You will discover true happiness in being thankful for what you've been given. Remember that happiness comes from being grateful.

So, are you ready? The first practical step is finding a mentor: 6 Qualities of a Good Mentor

Cheers in the pursuit of your dreams!!!


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