The Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Image by Salvatore Vuono

Recently, I was reading an issue of Success Magazine when I came across a profile of successful entrepreneur Adam Slutsky; I was particularly drawn to his ‘5 Traits that make for a good entrepreneur’. I thought I should share them with you:

1-      It’s not just the idea: “Where people go wrong is that they think the idea is the most important thing. Actually, great ideas are not hard to find. It’s the execution with the right people that makes a difference.

2-      It’s all about the team: Slutsky says, to succeed, you need to recruit a superior team of like-minded people who have skills and abilities that complement your own. “I am reminded of some wise words someone once told me: An ‘A’ idea and a ‘C’ team will probably fail, but a ‘C’ idea and an ‘A’ team will be a winner.

3-      Just say no: “‘No’ motivates the true entrepreneur. ‘No’ should fire you up. ‘No’ equals motivation. ‘No’ makes me want to prove naysayers wrong.”

4-      Get obsessed: Slutzky says you need to find a business you are passionate about and stay obsessed with it. “Strong entrepreneurs never have the business out of their mind.”

5-      Trust your gut: “It’s impossible to analyze everything, or even to have the time to try and analyze everything. But if you know your business well, you can trust your intuition. If you get hung up on one or two things, you are probably hung up on them for a good reason.”

While there are no magic bullet's, most of us have the ability to groom ourselves into successful and productive business owners especially as free entreprise continues to boom. Success is a journey, enjoy it and grow.

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