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        A pic of my mom and kids

God was thinking of ways to send me to earth.

Suddenly, He had a brilliant idea – why not assign an angel who would love and guide me unconditionally through life?

And so, like a tiny seed, He planted me in my mother's womb.

For nine months, we got to know each other in ways unimaginable and unexplainable. She felt me grow. Happily and pridefully, she allowed me to nourish within the richness of her, where I felt safest and most comfortable. Every heartbeat, every kick, silent words, little laughs, groans, every movement, we shared as I developed.

And then it was time to see the world. Lovingly, she ushered me in and stayed by my side. An angel I have known to always be there. The one who cries for me, even when I am not crying for myself; the one who feels my pains even when I am too numb or dumb to feel them; the one who laughs loudest for me, even when I see no milestones in my achievements; the one who runs fastest to get to me, even in her old age; the one whom I reach out to silently in spirit for a warm embrace in my darkest moments … for that connection that started when no one knew I was coming has remained unbroken since then.

My mother, oh how special you are. Wherever you are, you are the greatest gift God gave mankind. Shoulders broad enough to carry all our problems, tears plentiful enough to shed through a lifetime, a love warm enough for me to bask in all my life.

And that’s why today, we stop to honor you. Happy Mother's Day.

Written by Lema Abeng-Nsah, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!


From all of us at Wealth Alliance Systems




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