Voices of Purpose: My BOOK on FACEBOOK


by Honore Fon

What I started as a Facebook pastime is now leading to a book. When I joined Facebook in 2009, writing a book was the last thing on my mind. How did this happen?

Normally a project consultant for a few small organizations in Cameroon, I love moderating seminars, developing radio and TV programs and organizing events like my baby project Campus Celebrity with Mey-low-d Foundation. That’s what I am known for around Bamenda and some parts of Cameroon, although back in the university, I was well loved as the campus music boy and also wrote a lot of songs, some of which are being sung all over Cameroon. One of them actually got plagiarized and won an African award. Funny, right? But what did I know about copyrights?

In everything I have ever done, I have always wanted to make a positive impact in someone’s life, so all those times I thought I was an entertainer, I was actually an “edutainer” and I still am. I am gifted in being able to say normal things in special ways that touch people in a special way. Yes, I realized this during the numerous workshops I moderated, some occasions I have emceed but the big big discovery came when I joined Facebook.

A few months after I had been in Facebook …. continue reading

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