NETWORK MARKETING 101 – The Importance of your Product

Your Product Is Your Business

Network marketing is really very similar to traditional businesses in that every company is in business to distribute a product or service. I believe that if individuals who get involved in network marketing understood just how similar this nontraditional business model is to traditional business in this sense, the industry would see a higher rate of success. I’ll share how.

Everyone who gets involved in network marketing obviously wants to succeed at creating some kind of income stream, but it is very common for folks to overlook the basics. MLM as discussed in an earlier article Network Marketing: The Ultimate Money Making Machine, is simply a distribution channel for product and services. When you become a distributor, you are starting your very own company within a company. It’s mission being to distribute the products and services of the company you are affiliated with, by basically building a network in which those who get involved as well get paid whenever that product is consumed within your ‘company’. It’s as simple as that.

Now, let’s build this discussion around a traditional business model so that everyone can understand:

If you invested let’s say tens of thousands of dollars to set up a gas station. You got the gas pumps going outside, put up your beautiful lighted signs, nicely air conditioned room with beautiful shelves of candy, sodas, lottery tickets and all the knick knacks that most gas stations carry on the inside, but you didn’t have gas. What then would you be in business for? Would it be appropriate to call that business a gas station?Of course not. Why? Because you are in the business of selling gas.

Same thing with MLM. Your business starts with the product. You must start by consuming the product yourself. The product is what legitimizes your business. You cannot go selling people a dream or lifestyle with nothing to back it up – that’s the stuff illegal pyramid businesses are made of. But when you show a tangible product and you get people to believe and identify with it, then you can sell them a dream.

Show your product first!

Be careful not to approach this backwards. This is the mistake most new distributors make in mlm.


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