"You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." – Zig Ziglar


Attitude is everything

Our attitude determines the outcome of any venture we get involved in – be it a business, a school project, or relationship. If you look as far back as you can remember, you will realize that parents, teachers, close friends, family members who have played a positive role in our lives always in some form or shape, encouraged us to adopt a positive outlook or attitude in times of difficulty, pain, sadness; "Don't worry, everything will be fine; think about the good times; try one more time and keep smiling; don't give up … " etc, etc. And remember how proud they were when we did?

According to wikipedia: an attitude represents an individual’s degree of like or dislike for an item. Attitudes are generally positive or negative views of a person, place, thing or event.

One of the most important determinants of success is our attitude – towards ourselves, our work and towards others.

1. Attitute towards your business

We all know by now, especially as discussed in Subconscious Mind – Power From Within that you are your thoughts. You attract what you think.  If you are unsure about your business, and fail to embrace it wholeheartedly, you attract unstable and inconsistent results. That unrewarding dance with failure sure starts the moment we start having doubts. It is hence important to lay the foundation for positive attractions by:

Believing. Start with a positive mental attitude, develop winning habits, feed your mind with winning strategies. Most successful people believe that success is theirs and embrace it long before it is manifested in the physical. Believe it and it will come to pass.

Expect success. Having faith is one thing, actually expecting success is another. Most people fail because they do not expect to be successful … or even think that they are capable of achieving it in the first place. Some start-up businesses just to try and see if it'll work. While others start off boldly expecting to win. In these winners' minds, success has no choice but to happen as is clearly illustrated in Zig Ziglar quote above.

Speak increase into your business and declare abundance. Be excited and positive about your business; this serves as a magnet for all that you desire for this empire of yours. Some 'entrepreneurs' dwell so much on why the business is difficult, focusing on everyone they know who never made it … please note that such mind poisons sow unhealthy seeds in your mind which manifest in a defeatist attitude. The battle is lost even before it starts.

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen – Frank Lloyd Wright

2. Your attitute towards others

How much emphasis should we place on 'attitude towards others'? ALLLLLLLLL!

It is so very important that you rid your mind of negative, poisonous thoughts about others. I believe that the best way to create and maintain a positive attitude towards people in your personal and business life is to focus on creating value by giving your best and giving it happily! There is power in giving of yourself, your talents, your time … and doing it wholeheartedly and with purpose. This breeds positive feelings such as: "Wow, this is what I was meant to be doing and I am loving it!"

Be excited! Whether you are sweeping floors, babysitting, answering phones, or doing a business presentation; your passion and excitement manifest as a positive attitude that automatically draws people to you. Those who are constantly in 'taking mode' find themselves feeling 'empty' all the time. An excited, lively person always has people saying, "I like his/her attitude… I would love an opportunity to work with him/her"

Reign in your expectations and avoid 'feelings of entitlement'. Understand from the very beginning that it is not anyone’s job to motivate you, encourage you, train you, force you to organize shows or presentations, etc. Just do the job. Holding yourself accountable instantly manifests as self-sufficiency – a leader's most attractive trait! Nobody particularly likes to babysit adults, you know. Take control and extricate yourself from situations and relationships that are unproductive and aggravating – both for your sake and that of all parties involved. You will be amazed at how liberating this is. Practise these 8 Success Keys

Be grateful, appreciate your business opportunity, your team, the people in your life and take the time to say ‘thank you’ .

Be genuine and work to maintain long-term relationships.

Remember that you are never indispensable – the industry, the company, the organization, the team, the upline will go on without you. Hence, play your part and embrace progress as it unfolds.

Bitterness, arrogance, pride, anger … you must discard. These negative emotions will surely lead you down the path of frustration. Put on a cloak of humility and stay focused on the bottomline.

Through the ups and downs, the challenges, the struggles, the triumphs, the happiness, the satisfaction, be steadfast … our attitude is what determines 'what' we experience and how it affects us.

The good thing is, you are in control of your attitude. Look for something positive in every situation… people and prosperity will be attracted to you.

I’ll leave you with these words of Carlos Casteneda: "The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is same."

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