A Thank You Message To My Friends

In the spirit of the New Year, I have been thinking about the ones who have added so much meaning to my life – my friends. The little things you do and say, the support, the encouragement, the reassurance that you continuously give me, the sense of pride you have for me, all mean sooooo much.

Each of us is blessed with some terrific people to call friends. I believe that my friends are the best! Why? Because they have stood by me for years.

You know, life seems to happen in phases, I believe. Mine has gone something like:

2002-2006. Trying to settle into my new life in a different country (I travelled to the U.S. in Oct of 2001), in a new marriage and raising a family. Those years I spent finding myself, believing that God would lead me to the life I so desired and had always been on the path of – business. Some how, it worked out, directing me away from nursing, med school, pharmacy which were also very viable options as I have a B.Sc in Biochemisty. My heart had always hungered for entrepreneurship … I guess it's true that with faith, we are given what we truly desire.

2006 – 2009. Started our traditional business and also signed up as a distributor for 5LINX (a network marketing company). My goal was to make a lot of money. Patiently, my husband and I built these businesses and 3 years later, with 5LINX we were making 6 figures/year. What a feeling!

2008 – 2009. 5LINX was expanding internationally, and so my world travels began. I was fulfilling another dream of 'galavanting' from country to country, meeting different people (in fact, my first travel out of my home country Cameroon had been to Italy even before I came to the U.S) and having fun, while working hard at the same time. During this time, I was probably out of the country every couple of months. It was difficult to pin me down. A wonderful experience.

2010. It was time to slow down and reconnect with the ones who meant alot to me. I got off the road to spend more time at home and just be 'mommy' to my kids. Many were surprised at the decision, how could I turn away from those 5 figure monthly, sometimes weekly checks? I must say the residual income was still good. But I had rediscovered a passion for writing and wanted to explore different things. I had tasted the money, the hustling, the fame, etc … the good thing is, I was able to press 'pause' and focus on other things. Somehow, I feel like I proved to myself that making money is not what drives me. The beauty of a home business is, you can take a break and come back. 2010 was so worth it.

As 2011 begins, I want to take this time to thank you – my friends (you know who you are), business associates who have always been with me, my team (you know who you are), readers of this blog (you so encourage me because the hits kept coming even when I wasn't posting regularly; thank you for the messages you sent telling how much you missed reading from me – this year will be much better!) and my clients.

I have not made any solid resolutions for 2011, but I am working on setting goals. The one thing I know is that this year, I plan to give back in every way possible. To my friends, my country Cameroon, my community, charities, through my writings, etc. Dunia Magazine will be my main focus as well. I will certainly be sharing thoughts on success here, and will get a bit more personal as I let you into my business experiences this year.

How about you – how do visualize 2011? Whatever your resolutions or goals are, dive head on and have fun; don't let anyone tell you you can't, don't feel like your dreams are triffling, do not be intimidated by anyone and most importantly, never appologize for who you are.

This new year, I want you to know that you are a shinning star, choose who you discuss your dreams with very wisely and learn to trust your instincts. There are no limits!!!


Remember that there are hundreds of 'success' and 'how to' articles on this blog. Use the search box and empower yourself.



  1. Hi,
    my name is Victor Moono,am an IMR in 5linx who has been trying to network with Africans who have made it in the business. Am from Zambia and came to this country in 2001. At our nationals its mostly said that the simplest way to succeed in 5linx is to follow the laid out system i.e make a list of 100 people etc. I want to know what other methods worked for you if any, and what advantages or disadvantages you have experienced being an African immigrant.

  2. Victor, good to hear from you. Would love to help in any way possible. Who’s organization are you in? Upline SVP and PSVP. Send me your reply to [email protected]

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