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 My brother Kul is an avid reader. And sometimes we get to discuss books we have read and lessons learned from them.

Kul is an Amway representative. Like the company he represents, personal development is an integral part of his network marketing experience. A few months ago, he shared with me a copy of 'Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People' by Rich DeVos (co-founder of Amway) … and I must tell ya, I found the book to be information packed and easy to read. I read it all in one day, unable to put it down.

I would like to share DeVos' 10 most powerful phrases and short excepts that go along with them:

1. I'm Wrong

"Admitting you're wrong is especially difficult for people in leadership positions. The leader is supposed to be the visionary, the bright one who covers all the angles and blazes the trail. Unfortunately, even leaders at times have to admit they're wrong."

"Admitting you're wrong creates opportunities to learn from your mistakes and to take advantage of another person's point of view." 

"Our stubborn will to be right all the time can drive a wedge between friends and family members. At times the urge to be right can lead to arguments that aren't worth winning and in hindsight are just plain silly." 

2. I'm Sorry

"An apology is a conscious decision we reach when we have empathy for the feelings of others. Instead of thinking of the apology only from our point of view as an admission of our wrong-doing, we consider how our apology will benefit the person we have wronged and actually have a positive impact in their life."

3. You can do it

"You will never discover how far you can go if you don't start 'doing it'. Otherwise you limit your whole life and will always have regrets, thinking I wish I'd tried that. When you develop a 'can do' attitude, it all happens, and the Lord then supplies you and begins to give you answers."

4. I believe in you

"I believe in you is an inspirational phrase for leaders to use, for parents to tell their children or grandchildren, for a friend in need who is going through a tough time, for students to hear from teachers, and for employees to hear from employers. We can start to set our communities and country on a positive course by making a conscious decision to believe in ourselves and in each other."

5. I am proud of you

"I find that 'I'm proud of you' is especially uplifting for people who typically don't win the awards and rewards of life, who may doubt their abilities and have a tough time finding something to be proud about. That's why it is doubly important for parents and teachers and employers to find ways to say, 'I'm proud of you.' I don't believe anyone is just a mechanic or just a salesman, just a trash hauler, or just anything. We're all human beings with dignity, made in the image of God Himself and using the talents He has given us to contribute to society in our own special way. Respect is the key. And with Respect, we can say, 'I am proud of you' to anyone for a job well done."

6. Thank you

"In addition to thanking the people we appreciate or who have done us a service or kindness, we also need to adjust our attitude to one of being thankful. We have been greatly blessed in this country, and too often we tend to take our blessings for granted. 'I thank you.' We can never wear out that phrase."

"We're often too slow to give thanks and too quick to complain. Maybe we're so focused on ourselves and busy with our lives that we forget to give thanks."

7. I need you

"When you look around there is no limit to all the people you need, but few of those people ever actually hear from you that you need them. We take them for granted and really don't think about them a lot. No one in a lofty position can say to someone in a lower position, 'I don't need you.' How successful would a company be that consisted of just presidents? The president of the company can't get to work in the winter if the person who drives the snowplow doesn't do his job."

8. I trust you

"Trust is essential in a friendship, but we also need trust in community. Just think how our society works on trust. In a society without trust, businesses would hardly function because contracts would hold no values. Traffic wouldn't move out of mistrust that cars would run red lights. Parents wouldn't allow their children to attend school out of mistrust for the teachers. Our towns and cities would come to a standstill without a basic level of assumed trust."

"'I trust you': saying this powerful phrase helps cement relationships among people who depend on each other."

9. I respect you

"We all want and need to be respected. If you want respect, I recommend you show respect by taking an interest in other people. Ask a few questions. Listen to people who are eager to share with you the proud moments of their lives. You'll quickly discover something about them for which you can say, 'I respect you.' In doing so, you also will earn their respect and as a respected person, you will gain self-respect."

10. I love you

"'I love you' is the powerful phrase that encompasses all the others. The way we feel about people – whether it's romantic love, family relationships, or even close friendships – is a form of love. We have to love one another; that's the biblical admonition as expressed by Jesus Christ. Love is a warmer way to express ourselves than saying 'I respect you' or 'I believe in you'. It's a more tender way of expressing our feelings for people we admire and appreciate."

With the use of these powerful phrases, I believe we can make a positive difference in people's lives and in ours. I have been highly empowered by Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People. It is obvious that Rich DeVos is a man of solid character and deep faith, which we often don't find in people who have achieved as much as he has.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone.

You can get your copy of 'TEN POWERFUL PHRASES FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE' on Amazon


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