We are all capable of succeeding and finding fulfillment in our lives. Everyone who has dreams and gives themselves permission to to go after them, will see great things begin to unfold. Is it always easy? No. But is it possible? Yes. In my journey of life, here are my guidelines to greatness, how you can find your purpose and create the life you deserve:

1. Stop wishing that things will happen. You must act.

2. Be proud of who you are and the things you have achieved thus far; things like having a job or business, having a roof over your head, providing for your family or community, etc. The things that make you proud about yourself don't always have to be elaborate or the stuff headlines are made of. Little achievements launch you towards greater things.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for favors. Actually, my personal business model is: Don't let the fear of 'no' stop you from asking. Ask because you just might get a yes! It is normal that people might get irritated when you do ask, but remember that there are also those who will get offended that you didn't ask, has anyone ever said, "You should have asked"? So, how will you know unless you sort? I get offended sometimes when I am enjoying a program on TV that gets interrupted by a commercial and also, I get super excited when I see a commercial for a product that helps me find a solution. Some folks out there need your product and services.

4. Focus on the reason why you CAN. There are a thousand reasons straight off the back why you can't. But you only need a couple of good solid reasons why you can, set your sights on these. Keep things as simple, uncomplicated and clear as possible. Take one focused step at a time, with the end always in mind.

5. Don't be afraid to fail. Failures or setbacks are bumps on the road to success. Everyone who has achieved anything, has at some point experienced failure. Failures make you wiser and stronger. You must take risks.

6. Let go of your ego. It only stands in your way. You will recognize that some of the wealthiest people (financially, mentally, morally) though self-confident are also quite humble.

7. Be patient. Everything goes through a growth phase. Most great enterprises started small, and were built through consistent action over years. Overnight sensations only happen in movies.

8. Align yourself with people of the same vision. Stop hanging around people who settle for the crumbs of life, discourage you, belittle your dreams, aggravate your spirit, and bring all kinds of negative emotions. Connect with those who share similar aspirations, and have the same values that you have. Remember that you can only be as good as the people you hang around with. Choose carefully.

9. Reach out to others and be a giver. Be supportive, be positive, be encouraging, sow into other people's lives. Have you noticed that some of the best 'takers' always seem to be stuck at the same spot year after year? Giving connects you divinely to God, who grants favor. Favor does not come from man, it comes from God.

10. Most importantly, recognize your greatness. This comes with discovering the things that make you unique, embracing them and developing your talents. Everyone has something that someone else wishes they had … it could be the way you dress, the way you talk, your computer skills, your writing skills, your people skills, the places you have traveled to, the different languages you speak, where you come from, etc. Your greatness lies in the little things that set you apart. You become free the moment you realize you don't have to be like someone else, that you are good enough.

It is possible to be happy and great in your own way. So, step out of your comfort zone, follow these guidelines and have fun living in greatness. Remember: "Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious" – Unknown. Dream and think big.

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