Finding longlasting success in business and life

1. Be determined to win

Success comes to those who relentlessly pursue it. It's important to always take your business seriously for if you treat it like a million dollar business, it will pay you good money, but if you treat it like a hobby, it will pay you hobby money. Develop resilience and be consistent. Strive to stay on an even keel – avoid the emotional ups and downs that sometimes come with working for yourself or being an entrepreneur. You must seek to be a steady and undeviating for long-lasting success to happen. 

2. Work with a Purpose

Know exactly what you want from your business. Have a solid vision. Set small goals that lead to bigger ones. These goals will keep you on course if you are determined to reach them. You must know exactly where you are heading.

3. Stay focused on achieving set goals

Laser beam focus is a must; the kind of focus that is comparable to a beam cutting through steel – steady, unwavering and sharp. Avoid distractions. Your everyday activities should be geared toward the development of your business, the fulfillment of your dreams.

4. Take control of your business

Your success is entirely dependent on you and what you do. Find a mentor to guide you.  Learn and practise the skills necessary to get the results you are looking for. Network with other entrepreneurs in your field. Remember that no one gambles their way to the finish line – it takes discipline, continuous self-development and work.

5. Be accountable to yourself & your team

A successful entrepreneur understands that the game is not always about them. If others are involved in "your dream" work, it is entirely unethical to quit on them.  Strive to be a great leader who inspires others to be better.

6. Turn your 'swagg' on

Dress, talk, smell and look like success. Your appearance will determine whether people do business with you or not. Be self-confident, excited, and positive.

7. Have Fun with your business

Entre celebrate2

Business ownership does tend to come with pressure, which if we are not careful, could easily translate into stress. Be determined to make your success journey fun. Look for ways to avoid the stress of business ownership and learn to enjoy what you are doing. Be nice to yourself, it's a tough world out there. It always helps to take time off to appreciate and celebrate yours and others’ achievements.

8. Give back

However big or small your income is, give back to the church, the community, others in need. Support friends' ventures and be there for others just as you expect them to be supportive of you. There is power in giving. It is in giving that we receive.

Always remember that you have the power to succeed within you.


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