Life and Timing – Words of Inspiration

  by Jemia A Minang

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Life is so beautiful! Life is so wonderful! Life is
so precious! Life is such a glorious gift from God! It is full to overflowing
with people to love, wonders to enjoy, and good things to do! Even its most
painful moments and most difficult times can lead us to greater growth,
learning, love and closeness to God, if we accept and bear them. Be thankful
for all the blessings God gives you in this life; think of them often; let them
fill your heart, mind and soul. When people ask you why you always have a warm,
beautiful and bright smile on your face, don’t hesitate to tell them your



There is no perfect time for anything, so what are
you waiting for? The truth is, no time is as good as NOW to put your
dreams into motion. Let’s make today the day to begin our journey to greater
levels of fulfillment and productivity. No more waiting for things to be JUST
RIGHT! No matter what you’ve been putting off, make a commitment to
yourself that TODAY is the day to get moving. There will always be
challenges and obstacles. SO WHAT! If you take things in stride and roll
with the punches, you can overcome anything! Remember, each step you take will
make you grow stronger, more skilled and more confident. So, why don’t you BREAK
and GO FOR IT! With God on your side, you will definitely make

Jemia A Minang

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  1. Short, sweet and to the point. That’s just how life is – uncomplicated. Jemia always delivers a calming message. It is possible that I’m bias because I know her personally and I know that she lives her life exactly how she puts it down in print. Let us continue to strive for spiritual renewal and cleansing of our hearts! This will bring us closer to the kind of “life” that Jemia describes in the piece above.

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