DUNIA Magazine – The Global Face of Greatness!

by Nicoline Ambe

Dunia final cover

          Since the inception of Dunia Magazine,
I’ve counted about 5 people from 5 different parts of the world who have told
us that “Dunia” means “global” in their traditional language. This is an
interesting but meaningful coincidence. It means that as people, we are
definitely more alike than we think. Even where we think we’re different, we
can still look into each other’s world and find so many things that can shape
our own lives for the better.

          This is the beauty and uniqueness of
being a part of “Dunia” in the real sense and through the pages of Dunia Magazine.
The idea of learning something new about the world we live in. Great people
live in every corner of the globe. Each of us, in our own way, strive daily to
be great, to push our boundaries and to be better than we are. Where ever we
are in our pursuit of greatness, we are just beginning this life-long journey.
There is more to be realized by a thousand fold.

          I am impatient to learn about what
drives and motivates people to greatness in other parts of the world. In our
myopic-thinking mind, shaped by the myopic-thinking society we live in, other
people’s norms and values are inferior to our own. We have pre-conceived
notions and stereotypical views about others. In reality, there are profiles of
successful people all over the world. These are people whose values and
perceptions look nothing like our own, but who have attained a level of success
that we can only dream of. It is time to look into the world of others and investigate
the core values that drive them to success.

          Dunia Magazine should be celebrated
for connecting worlds, and highlighting the successes of those whose values are
different from our own. Greatness is a universal concept shrouded by
stereotypes, negativity, limiting beliefs and notions of inferiority and
superiority. We are beyond the idea that we’re better than others and when we
start to peel away every layer of misconception, we will all be the better for
it, globally.

          Welcome to the world of greatness. Welcome
to Dunia. Welcome to Dunia Magazine!

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Nicoline Ambe

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