MLM – Why Some Succeed and Others Don’t

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Factors like choosing the right company which is,

  • financially solid 
  • has the right management team, 
  • offers products that are a good fit, 
  • has a robust compensation plan, 
  • has established great training system
  • and is based on a proven success system 

… are absolutely necessary for success in network marketing.

However, with these in place, why do most distributors fail at some point?  This is a question that has haunted the industry and has created many many skeptics over the years.

It often boils down to the distributor; most do not last long because of the following reasons which I will summarize into 3.

1.      Failure to Persist: Everyone gets excited at the beginning of their network marketing journey – excited at the possibilities and the promise of a better life. ‘Excitement’ and ‘hope’ are powerful initial propellers as new distributors start the business building process. The first people they talk to about this new venture are usually those closest to them – friends and family; unprepared for the rejection as loved ones hesitate to support them, new distributors lose confidence. They become disappointed and discouraged. This explains why a large number of distributors’ businesses never really ‘take-off’.


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  1. “Expecting quick results” is a fundamental ingredient of failure in Direct Sales. Most people get into business and are “persistent” and “committed” for a short time period (sometimes a month or two) after which they quit if they don’t “get rich.”

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