View Whether you are researching network marketing (MLM), just got started or have been involved for sometime, my list of 10 things you should know about Network Marketing is sure to resonate with you in some way. Something about this industry will always surprise you, make you laugh, bring you to tears, drive you up the wall and send you smiling to bank as you 'learn' your way to the top.

Different people partner with different companies and start up their businesses for various reasons, but our experiences tend to run along similar lines.

And so, here are my Ten Commandments of Network Marketing:

1. Do the work and you will get the pay. Network marketing works if you work.

2. Consistency is the key. Sure, your network marketing business can be worked part-time, but not sometimes.

3. Never take 'no' personal. Remember that professionals sort, they do not convince. Some will, some won't, so what, who's next?

4. You must be coachable. Coachable or teachable leaders make the best coaches and mentors for their teams.

5. There are no short-cuts or magic bullets. You must work the plan and pay the price for success. If ever there was a magic bullet, it would be YOU and your willingness to do whatever it takes.

6. Quitting is not be an option. Be ready for the times when you will be the only member on your team after everyone else has quit.

7. Attending meetings and company conferences is not optional. The only way to grow and help others grow is by continuously staying plugged-in and renewing your mind through training.

8. Investing in your business is important. I have learned that money spent growing your business will be paid back ten-fold if you stick with the plan to the end. A day will come when with one check, you can pay your bills and have plenty left idling in the bank.

9. You should not want success for people more than they want it for themselves. It is impossible to pass on belief to folks who are not willing to receive it. Just like taking a horse to the stream and then forcing it to drink, it doesn't work.

10. Your checks grow when you grow. As your leadership and general business building skills grow, so does your organization and of course your bank account. 

Like in everything else, the early mornings, late nights, sleepless nights, family sacrifices, doubts, rejection from others will pave your way to the top. Everyone goes through them, which is what makes winning so fulfilling. Expect challenges in Network Marketing that will be taught and empowered to overcome. The journey is worth it for the simple reason that the view from the top is totally breathtaking!

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