by Jemia A Minang


meet some people in life, who, though not physically attractive, are so good
that they give a smile, kind word and even a part of themselves to help others,
expecting nothing in return. Such people glow with an inner beauty which flows
out and touches the hearts of every one, filling them with love, joy and peace.
In these people we come face to face with God’s idea of A BEAUTIFUL PERSON.

people, on the other hand, look wonderful on the outside, but have hearts as
cold as ice. They spread nothing but sadness, fear, anger and hatred. They are
so selfish and conceited, caring for no one but themselves. How can one see
beauty in such people?

BEAUTY flows from within and
shows in everything you do and say.


wear friendly smiles;


show kindness, love, care and warmth;


utter soothing words;


bless and inspire hope and happiness.

will always be beautiful to me, and I thank God for that!

many of us feel comfortable around handicap, and so called ugly or poor people?
We find it easy to love those who are so called beautiful, healthy and wealthy.
We would rather stay away from people we consider to be not so beautiful,
healthy, wealthy or as intelligent as we are. We feel we are superior to them.

made us judge of who is perfect or not, or who is worthy of our love or not?

there is someone who would never treat us disdainfully; who loves us with an
unconditional love that welcomes us into His heart despite our shortcomings or

this loving God give us the strength to accept and love people as they are, and
help us to be more understanding of those who are different from us. May we
have the grace to see each other through the eyes of God, remembering that God
asks only one thing of us, and that is, to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Jemia A Minang

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