TIME and MONEY – The Possibility of having both.

by Kul Kuhla

Time In today's world is it possible to find balance by establishing a life in which you have both time and money? The tendency is usually for the balance to tilt to one side.

There are generally four types of people in today's world :

People who have time and no money – in this category, kids or individuals who depend on their parents and other caregivers for everything. With time on their hands to get on with life, they usually don't have to worry
about where the money is going to came from for their next meal.

People that don't have time and don't have money – These are folks with regular
jobs, employees who trade time for money. Always busy, but only barely surviving. With hardly enough money for themselves and their families, it is difficult for this group to extend themselves beyond their immediate needs.

People that have money and don't have time – In this category are mostly professionals like doctors, accountants, lawyers with good jobs or practices that afford them nice cars and good
houses, etc but not enough time for the fun things of life, unable to get off the grind of work to spend time with family and people they love, doing the things they like to do.

People that have time and money; These are people that own mega, profitable businesses. At the beginning, they sacrifice a lot of time to build them, working hard for a
short while to set up these financial empires, and then they are able to rest for the rest of their lives. These people don't work
for money, money works for them.

By following a system that
eventually keeps your business in production mode, where there are consumers in place for whatever product you provide, you build true wealth.
Those who belong to Group 4 live what we call the life-style. Why life-style? life stands for time and style for money. They have managed to find both.

Do you have time for family, do you wake up when you want to, in other words, is the
alarm clock is your friend? If 'no' to any of these questions, then you don't have time.

Can you travel any where you want to go, go on vacations whenever you choose to, live in the home of your dreams, purchase the kinds of cars you want because you are unrestricted by money, can you afford quality education for your children, can you support local charities and fund causes close to your heart? If 'no' to any of the above, chances are, you don't have the style … yet. It is
only when you achieve these personal goals that you start living the life style.

Life is an ever evolving process, everyone wants to make their lives better. The only reason why folks end up living in hopeless situations is because they refuse to change the way they think.

No matter what we do, working for someone
else seldom ever makes any one wealthy, but most people don't understand this. It does not matter how much income you earn today, when you reach
retirement, that income drops. Which explains why most retirees go back
to work, especially in these times when the cost of living is at an all time high. How about others who are forced to rely in their children
and other family members (who usually are struggling themselves).

Business ownership is the pathway to building true wealth. These days, many use their jobs to raise funds or establish capital to start up businesses with the potential to generate continuous income in the long run. In order to achieve real success in
business today, entrepreneurs are looking to establish income streams that are residual i.e. they keep flowing even when old ages sets in and long after you are gone.

"Being rich is having more money, being wealthy is having more time," Margaret Bonnano

Kul kuhla
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