The ABCs of Focus – How to Focus

Focus Obviously, FOCUS is at the very core of the accomplishment of any task. According to the Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, focus is defined as a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding; a center of activity, attraction, or attention; point of concentration.

The ability to focus is a key quality of every successful person. Focus simply means tuning all our senses towards accomplishing a goal.

It is kind of hard to fail when you have mastered the art of focus.  It takes discipline to focus. We can all develop that ability to focus. Here are some guidelines on how to focus in order to effectively bring forth the results you are looking for:

Drop the baggage and get rid of mental distractions.

Start by finishing up unfinished tasks and clearing out your to-do list, e.g. return phone calls, pay bills that are due, stock up the refrigerator, etc. This helps clear out mental cobwebs that can be distracting and frustrating. A clear mind is like a clean slate, now you can get down to doing the important things.

Well defined tasks – Fine-tune your mind.

Focus is like a strong beam of light directed at a well defined target. You must be sure of exactly what you are looking to hit. You can’t afford to be ambiguous or vague. Fine-tune your mind toward specifics. Take time to plan one step at a time. It is important to understand the task at hand and to have a good game-plan in order effectively focus on execution. Write down what has to be accomplished and the order in which these tasks have to be completed.


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  1. Great post as usual Lema dear, Looking at how you handle your day job, Dunia Magazine, your block and other businesses, I can only say one thing. There couldn’t possibly be a better person to write and article on FOCUS. I LOVE IT!!
    This is where experience in the best teacher!!

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