Network Marketing: When Focus turns into Obsession

Obssessed Yesterday we talked about Focus, tips on how to concentrate on a task and get it done effectively. Focus is key to success in any form, because achievements come with accomplishing tasks that most often we find very challenging. A focused mind, disciplined and determined often accomplishes anything it sets out to do, an unfocused mind quits. In Network Marketing, it is no secret that in order to succeed at the highest levels, you must completely immerse yourself into building your business, it becomes an integral part of your life. Is there a point, however where this focus becomes more than just focus … and turns into an obsession?

Network Marketing (or Multi Level Marketing – MLM) involves building a network of successful distributors or business partners and helping them build their own networks. It requires team work at it's best, as individuals who join the organization are coached and empowered by their 'upline' leaders to become great leaders themselves. To build an organization in the first place, you are required to 'recruit' or get individuals interested enough to become a part of your downline. Recruiting in large numbers requires constant focused effort. It is the MLM leader's main 'job', for without new business partners coming in, the team stops to grow basically and income kind of slows down … an entrepreneur's nightmare. And so, in order to keep the numbers high, focus on team building can sometimes become somewhat of an obsession.

With the adrenaline high of new people joining; the satisfaction of developing new leaders and watching them grow and become just as successful as you are; the excitement of high energy presentations; meetings steeped in enthusiasm and positive reinforcement; leaders have tethered on the borderline of becoming obsessed or MLM drunk.

Obsession according to, is the domination of one's thoughts, or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

Life is all about balance and respect for boundaries. There are just no boundaries when you are totally immersed in 'your reality'. The obsessed are also known as fanatics – their way or no other way; their beliefs or no other beliefs; their doctrine or no other doctrine. Obsession is a form of destructive behavior. It has been the
reason why human beings have committed some grave crimes, or gone to

What are the signs of obsession in network marketing?

1.If you believe that there's something wrong with anyone who does not jump at your opportunity and sign up immediately.

2. Believing that hard-working folks on a 9-5 job are crazy. Why haven't they quit to build an MLM business?

3. The belief that others who are not as driven as you are, are not effective leaders.

4. Shutting people out of your life just because they are not involved in your business.

5. "I am now in the top position, I am sitting on top of the world, if you are not at this level, you don't get it."

I must admit, success or the promise of it is like a drug that once tasted, you are forever drawn to. Super star tennis player Roger Federer, when asked what the best part about being the number one and most recognized tennis player in the world was, said: "… the power that comes with it. The power to get people to do anything you want."

That power comes in MLM too, when you have a team of individuals looking up to you for guidance. We become 'one-track' minded as we cling to that which we believe to be the answer – the one and only answer!

This is particularly dangerous in MLM, because you tend to deal
with everyday people … not some business moguls we meet on Walls
Street or executive dinners. The people we deal with, are the ones we probably will be dealing with after our business-building days are over. What happens to all those burnt bridges the day you are finally brought back to your senses?

It is important to keep things in perspective and respect the feelings and judgments of others. However, I have noticed that mature network marketing leaders, i.e. those who have been in the industry for 10+ years, are generally more respectful. While some of those, with less years invested in the industry, running on an adrenaline rush, tend to be selfishly oblivious to the feelings of others. Rude and arrogant we become … what we fail to see is, when all is said and done, the real legacy we leave behind are relationships built over the years.

Do not let focus and passion in building your business turn into an obsession. Be driven, yes, but be sensible at the same time. Respect individuals for who they are and improve on who you are … from one MLM junkie to another!

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