by Jemia A Minang



Jem 1

Of all the free gifts we
may receive, PRAYER is the very best. There are NO COSTS but WONDERFUL
. How can we therefore hesitate to call on God at all times and in
all our needs? As we face each new day, let us first thank God for this PRECIOUS
, which gives us free and direct phone lines to Him, with never the
threat of network problems, and let us ask Him to forgive us for ever thinking
that there is a time and place where He isn’t to be FIRST in our lives.
Lord, come into our lives and fill us with your LOVE.



Jem 2

 Every one of us is UNIQUE with a UNIQUE
. Finding out our mission is a big challenge, and because we would
not want to disappoint God, we face these challenges head on, keeping in mind
how fortunate we would be to meet them. Imagine the JOY AND FULFILLMENT
we will experience when we recognize our mission, accept it, concentrate on
accomplishing it, and actually making it happen. The thought of the satisfied
smile on our Father’s face as He gives us a gentle pat on the back, saying,
“Well done, my child” will make us realize that though it seemed rough, the
trip was very much worthwhile.



Jem 3

 At the root of much worry is the issue of CONTROL.
When we feel out of control, we worry. When events are beyond our control, we
worry. Like it or not, much of life remains beyond our control. It takes a lot
of energy to try to control the uncontrollable. If we can learn to embrace
uncertainty, we will be able to live in peace even in the midst of great
adversity and uncertainty. When it comes down to it, few events in life are
worthy of the discomfort we put ourselves through by worrying about them. The
river of life flows on, following a course of its own. We may be able to steer
the boat, but the river has its own shape, and all of our worrying won't change
its course. Life is a river, so instead of trying to change its course, let us
ask God for the courage to accept it and go with the flow. May God bless us as
we plunge into this river of life.

Jemia A Minang

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