Celebrate your Uniqueness.

by Jemia A Minang

Light When you feel hurt,
cheated, betrayed or disappointed, remember this little secret: No man or woman
is worth your tears, and the one who is will never make you cry. Know that you
are too anointed to be disappointed! You are too blessed to be stressed! Stand
in front of the mirror and take a good look at the wondrous vision you see  – the
fabulous, marvelous you! That should make you realize that you are special to
those who matter. Your life is a gift to the world, and your energy should be
used to spread as much light, love, peace, joy and hope to those who believe in
you and value you. Don’t be someone other than the WONDER that you are! No matter what happens; no matter how bad
things get; no matter what is taken from you; nobody can ever take away your
wonderful personality. YOU ARE UNIQUE!

You don’t have to
be perfect to live a blessed life. God knows we are not perfect. We make
mistakes every single day of our lives. We do choose however to try to live a
good life. We strive each day to share love, joy, and peace. We strive to grow
in oneness with God. As we travel the path of life, we will realize that the
best moments in our lives are the moments when we stop trying to be perfect and
just do everything to live in love, joy and peace, while sharing our God-given
gifts. We should stop judging ourselves and just love ourselves in order to live
good and beautiful lives. You don’t know how great you can be! How much you can
love! What your potential is! That’s the good news! Let us sow seeds of love in
our lives, share beautiful colors of peace, and joy with everyone, everywhere.
Though we are not perfect, we can still bless the world with the best within us
and with our God-given gifts!

Jemia A Minang

Email: [email protected]


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