A poem by Ali Baba Yakubu


Afric wares 1

And the girl came near my car window

Looking charming; smiling like a widow
I smiled back at her holding back my tears
In a controlled rage I told God all my fears
I reached into my pocket to buy her wares.

I do not need them but I must show I care
Lest I die and God shows me HIS fire.
Tell me why, oh why, we worship our desire
Leaving other souls in agonizing despair?

I know someday we shall answer for our deeds
Regardless of age, colour or spiritual creeds
I know someday we shall stand on heavenly weeds
To smile so less, in trembling fears; as one of us weeps.

Oh Lord of our blood, save our souls; make us smile
Oh Lord of our bones, take us along paradise isle
Oh Lord of our soul, take us along righteous mile
Oh Lord of our life, kill our pride, our greed and inner vile.

Before that day comes, Oh Lord, show us Your way 
Show us the majesty and mercy of Your Heavenly ray
Touch the hearts of our kings so we can dance in Your sway
Make it so our children get a new deal: to visit no sick bay
Make it so every day is none but a blissful children’s day.

I close my eyes only to see them dancing; holding sweet creams
In joyful laughter, they run through Your garden; in “belleful” screams
In praises to Your name, the parents sat across Your heavenly streams.
I woke up to pray to You: Oh Dear lord, make it as seen in our dreams.

Ali Baba Yakubu

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