THE IMPORTANCE OF ‘THANK YOU’ – A Little Girl’s Prayer

by Marie Chokote


"Thank you God for this day, we thank you for the flower, and the garden, and school, and my teacher, and my castle and Dora, and Tinkerbell, and for this teddy bear, and for the food and for my family and we love you Jesus, Amen"

Tonight, the words of my 3 year old daughter caught my attention. Not because she used the word "and" several times in a sentence, but the simplicity, yet importance of her prayer. I hear her day after day say different things before going to sleep. We started gardening and she is excited about it, so she is grateful and expresses it. She got some posters of her favorite characters on the wall, and she remembered to say thanks.

It got me thinking: how many times in our busy lives do we stop and really count our blessings? It seems so simple, yet so important. It may even seem like an obvious thing, but do we really appreciate what we have? When you got up this morning, did you take the time to realize and be grateful for the fact that you are breathing? Are you aware of the fact that it is a privilege to be able to read these words? When was the last time you realized that it was not a right to be alive and well, to be healthy and have a roof over your head, to be able to smile, to talk, or even to cry?

These are gifts, precious gifts that should not be wasted or clouded by worries and complains. Up until last year, I did not realize to what extent I was blessed to have all my brothers and sisters alive. I used to proudly say: "We are ten children, 6 boys and 4 girls". And then that changed, with that change came the realization that everyday is a gift, every person that I meet, every success I embrace, every set back (yes even those times we would very much like to erase), every failure, tear that I cry or laughter that I share, every member of my family (even the ones we don't like so much).

In every circumstances lies a gift, ready to be opened. All we really need is the will and the conscious effort to open these gifts, the simplicity and humility to recognize them, the ability to open our mouths and minds and say THANKS.

The other aspect of that simple little prayer that caught my attention, is that she didn't ask for anything. I have found that a grateful heart has very little time for complains and worries. It brings contentment and lightens the spirit; and who can count the number of things we would do differently with calm and contentment? So, let's have a child's heart and simplicity. It might very well be one of those few times, we as adults are allow to act childish again!

Marie Chokote

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  1. This one got me!
    I don’t remember the last time I paused to thank God for all the numerous blessings. Instead, each time I pray, I ASK for more.
    This is a wake up call.
    Thanks for writing, Marie; and hey… I like the name CHOKOTE. 🙂

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