What is a myth? It’s a popular belief or story that has become associated with a person, institution, or occurrence, especially one considered to illustrate a cultural ideal.

And so, let’s discuss a few myths surrounding network marketing.

Like most people today, I guess you belong to one of the following groups: involved in network marketing (also known as Multi-Level Marketing or MLM); have been presented with an opportunity to get involved; you’ve heard about network marketing; or you know someone who was or is involved in the industry … anyone who does not belong in at least one of the above, I would say you probably lives in another planet.  Like everything else that has been around for years, especially with the recent explosion in home business ownership there are quite a few myths surrounding this industry of mlm …. some of which will surely make you laugh. We’re keeping it real. Let’s address a few.

1. The only ones who make money are those at the top, those at the bottom don’t. This is simply not true. In
legitimate network marketing plans – yes, there are illegal pyramid schemes out there – but in true, legal programs, everyone makes money when they or their organizations generate the activities that trigger bonus payouts. The people at the top generally have built larger organizations and it is only fair that their commission checks be bigger in certain instances. MLM compensation plans tend to reward individuals more as they move up leadership positions for the simple reason that building a progressive organization requires hard work. By the way, you normally get to the top by helping other people succeed. Can’t buy your way to the top, can’t bribe your way to the top, talk your way to the top, or stunt your way to the top … takes focused action. How else should individuals be rewarded for adding more value to the lives of others?

The great news is, anyone with a good work ethic can make it to the top, unlike in corporate job set ups where the top is only reserved for a select few executives. Also, what folks don’t realize is that in most network marketing plans, it is possible for downlines to earn more than their uplines, depending on the activities they generate.


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