A Poem by Ali Baba Yakubu


And then the bloodletting continues without any end in sight
The children's blood mixes with the soil and the mother took to fright
What a shame once more twice as we slaughter our kind
What a shame once more twice as we threw care to the wind
For, in the name of vengeance, devil takes control
In the name of vibrant hate certainly heads will roll

I stopped watching the clips showing this madness
I stopped watching the clips showing no kindness
I stopped watching the clips showing no finesse
I stopped watching the clips showing this coldness

Where is the peace, where is the love
Where is the breeze, where is the dove
Where is the fist, where is the glove
Where is God, where is the hope

Time was when Jos was prime in the mind of visitors
Time was when Jos was pristine in the quest of victors
Time was when Jos held awe in the memories of mortals
Time is now so Jos is forlorn as we reflect over worldwide portals

All the actors made mistakes in various instances
While the Muslims were careless in their stupid utterances
Why should we call them "anne", "kafirs" and expect to live in peace
Why should we deny them space in our lands even just a small piece
Why should we become so rich and yet fail to spread peace

But then on the other hand, who is to blame for indigenous destiny
But then who is to blame when hedonism holds sway in joyful symphony
But then who is to blame when search for fun is so strong instead of industry
But then who is to blame when successful indigenes help no single infantry

Time has come for retrospection to end this craze
For in God's mysterious ways He made it so we represent our diverse race
We should know in our hearts no land gets developed without strangers
America became USA because of the power of diverse Springers
Let the hate take a ride on the back of a heavenly dove
Let the hate become replaced on the springs of heavenly hope

Ali Baba Yakubu
[email protected]
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  1. I really love this poem. it actually reaveals some of the greatest absurdities of our time – mere mortals fighting Gods wars. Who are we to slaugter and kill others in His name? does He leave us the nasty jobs to do in his place? Or has He become so frail that we lynch and destroy innocent babies to save Him? God Almighty, The Supreme? Are our attitudes not just one of the crowning works of the devil? Does a black man not have enough racial and economic prejudices already as to want to embrace crussades or Jihads as another burden? Take a moment, strip off ur dresses and stand face to face your naked image in a complete mirroir. Then ask yourself if that Great God you kill others for is really made in the image you see infront of you!

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