The Magic of YOU

Everyone strives to
live some kind of meaningful life; from the old woman in an unknown village
in Africa to the CEO of a fortune 500 company. To some a meaningful life means financial
abundance, to others it means seeking to have the basics of life, and to others
it means touching lives in some way either as a parent, spouse, educator, nurse,
community worker, etc.

I have come to
realize that everyone can be what or who they truly want to be. The aim of this
article is not to motivate you, but to hit right to the core of what success is
all about – YOU. Success is not about external things, it is about the inner you. How?

importance of finding yourself

Permit me to back track
a little bit. Couple of years ago, I was reading an article on parenting. Of
course with 3 kids of my own, I am always looking for good parenting tips. So I
stumbled on an article that talked about positive re-enforcement. I learnt that
when a child comes home with a report card from school, instead of immediately
zooming in on the areas where they had a minus or didn’t do so well (as we naturally do), focus on the
plus areas. Praise and encourage them to develop even more in those areas where they excel, make
them feel good about their strengths and help them embrace these even more.
Then carefully point out areas where they didn’t do so well and help them

That was an ah-ha moment for me because the tendency is for us to
immediately gravitate towards the minuses and berate children on the bad grades,
threaten to take away privileges, and focus on areas where they need
improvement, while overlooking their strengths. What a turning point that was!

Anyone can come
up with a long list of things you do wrong or reasons why you will not be successful: 1-You are not strong enough. 2-You are
not a good speaker. 3-You are not dynamic enough. 4-Not dedicated enough. 5-You lack
charisma. 6-You are inexperienced. 7-You lack knowledge. 8-You don’t get it. 9-Your background is not right. 10-You don't know the right people.

This is what the world does best: point out our flaws.

I want you to
flip the charts today. Make a list of reasons why you can be successful, a list of things you do right. You claim your place in society when you find your
strengths and capitalize on them
. I instill this in everyone I work

You know my articles are drawn from experience. I'll tell you something else: when my husband Albert & I worked our way to the top
of the network marketing company we are affiliated with, other so called leaders (some of whom are only title holders in my opinion), always found ways
to make us feel not so deserving of our success and claimed credit for it,
“Albert & Lema are Senior Vice Presidents because of us,” they would say.

The countless trips around the country and around the world, long phone calls,
early mornings and late nights, family sacrifices, which led us to being top producers, didn’t mean a thing to these people.

Why I am telling
you this is because it never matters what level you are in, folks will always try to make you
feel bad about yourself. It gets worse in every field as you get higher up the rungs of success and begin to break
out as a leader in your own right, you meet vicious folks whose drive it is to crush anyone in their path. You have got to take that power away from them by feeling good about yourself and playing to win.

We have seen celebrities (like Michael Jackson) get crushed
under the weight of public opinion. It happens in
relationships when a partner makes the other feel bad about themselves,
parents who do not appreciate the efforts of children trying to live up to
their expectations, bosses who no matter how hard you work are never satisfied

I have seen too many fail because they were looking for validation from outside, trying to be like someone else. You have got to
spend time with yourself and learn to believe in YOU.

The secret to
being successful, happy and fulfilled is really in finding yourself. Who are

power of God within you

Most of us go
through life never unleashing the power within us. God made us in His image, he
gave us dominion over all on earth, He promised us that with FAITH as little as
a mustard seed we can move mountains. Do you believe this to be true?

I didn’t.
I heard these words, read these bible passages as I grew up in a Christian home and
attended Christian schools, but I never really connected with them.

As my journey with
God became more personal and I learnt about the power of faith, I began to
believe that like Elijah, I could walk through fire unharmed.

YOU are more than
capable to be great. God made us all equal, yet gifted in our unique ways.

You have got to
believe that when you walk in, failure runs out the other door. Demons of
brokenness and unhappiness have no place in your life because of the power of
HIM that resides in you. Speak positive affirmations to yourself daily. Seek a connection with God and believe that as you follow your passions and strive to be the best you can be, He will never forsake you and He will always be there with you. How can you be afraid when you know that you are not alone and that the good things in life have no choice but come your way because you are a child of God? You have got to be grounded in a higher Power and believe that you are worthy of prosperity.

your talents

What are your gifts or talents? In what areas are you gifted? Have you spent time to identify these, do know them?

Remember to replace that long list of ‘why I can’t’ with a longer ‘why I can’ list. This is what
separates high achievers from those who struggle.

Do you know that you have certain gifts that no one else has? Gifts
that even these people you admire do not have? These gift will either shine and
impact lives or go undiscovered because you never knew they were there in the
first place.

Your experiences, your goals, your dreams,
accomplishments make you as unique as we all come. Don’t get so caught up in wanting
to be like other people that you miss out on being YOU.

When someone
tells me I am not good enough, I laugh at them in the face because they are not good enough either. People
think you are crazy for doing certain things, but they are crazy for thinking
that you are crazy.
There is no such thing
as “I am better than you,” in my world.

That’s how to
approach life; not running to hide each time somebody tells you that you can’t.
Do not go through life being in a shadow of yourself. 

You know, I was
inspired to start blogging by my younger brother Zuzeeko. 3 months ago, we started this blog Face2Face; I can assure you that 1. there are some who think this blog
sucks and that we are absolutely wasting our time because it won't last. 2. there are those who send us messages of appreciation, about how much they are being impacted. 3. then
there are those who secretly like what we do, but will never acknowledge it
although face2face has inspired them to start blogging too.

The most important
thing is that WE believe in our message, knowing that someone somewhere is
going to find this information useful.

What do you
believe about yourself and your talents?

Spend time with
yourself, discover your gifts, expand and improve on them and work them into
your dreams of a great life.

When this
happens, you would have found your niche, your purpose. For some it takes some
time to find that niche, the sure thing is that those who look shall find.

To be successful is to be in touch with yourself. Success comes from
within, and so I encourage you today to discover the magic of you.

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