Why Network Marketing may be your best choice

Why Network Marketing

During the last month alone in the U.S., 20,000 jobs were eliminated, although reports seem to indicate a growth in the economy. Interestingly, the Department of Labor also reports that the number of self-employed Americans grew by 126,000 in the last quarter. The loss of jobs together with a growth in the economy, though seemingly conflicting, is an indication that companies are doing business differently these days. Gone are those days when folks prepared attractive résumés in the hopes of being hired for their skills and educational background. Companies are seeking temporary workers and independent consultants … and slowly shying away from taking in full-time workers.

This shift has also come with a shift in mindset for individuals looking to make a living. With the internet and other sophisticated technology now mainstream, most are venturing out on their own, seeking new ways to be productive.

One out of every 5 people I meet these days in the U.S. has been approached about Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Network marketing is becoming more and more popular, yet most people do not know where to turn for legit answers/pointers.

Personally, I think that for someone who is looking to expand, network marketing should be a real and serious option to look into because of the following reasons:

Low start-up cost. Small businesses usually require tens of thousands of dollars to start. Most aspiring business owners in this area are often required to take out high interest loans and then have to spend years paying them off. And often as has been the case in this failing economy, these small business owners have been left with loans they must pay off even when the businesses have not grown as expected or have failed altogether.
Network marketing, on the other hand usually does not require that much of an upfront cost to begin. In most cases, a thousand dollars or less can get you going.  Most individuals seriously looking to start a business find this affordable. Those who can’t afford to or refuse to invest in starting up, either do not understand it is a legitimate business that requires some start-up fee, or are not
ready for business ownership in the first place.

Low over head. It is no secret that running a traditional business comes with lots of responsibilities: employees who have to be properly managed, utilities, rents, inventory, equipment, advertising costs, etc. It is no wonder it takes the average business years just to break even.


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  1. Lema, this is some awesome information. For someone looking to start a business Part-Time and grow unlimited wealth until they can go full time is awesome! I love this information and your mentorship.

  2. Thanks LP, glad u like it. Happy we are a team.

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