Chains can be broken by Kul

A slave is not only someone who is sold or used as a servant without pay, or someone forced to work under harsh conditions and uncertain circumstances, with an unknown outcome.

Anyone who is unable to make life changing decisions and finds themselves stuck anywhere or in anything, is a slave to that which holds them bound.

If your anger is uncontrollable and has been for a long time, and you are unable to get rid of it or control it, then you are a slave to anger. Do little things, like comments people make that you don't like get your temper flaring to the point where you start thinking about doing crazy things? … this is a clear sign that you are a slave to anger.

If you are addicted to cigarettes and absolutely must smoke them despite seeing the surgeon’s general warning which says, "cigarette smoking is dangerous for your health" … this is slavery at it's best. For you wouldn't buy any kind of food stuff from the grocery store with the same warning on it.

Let me ask a question: if a smoker is not a slave to cigarettes, why then does he obey the call to go outside in the freezing cold, during the heart of winter just to smoke a cigarette? Why can't he say "No"? Why obey the call, yet he must turn the heat on when he is inside the house? He does not hesitate to step outside, although he just talked about how cold it is!

And in the heart of summer, with the A.C. running indoors, and the ice cold water he has to drink, you find him smoking, sweating and smiling under the scorching heat.

An alcoholic is a slave to alcohol. He is addicted to consuming several drinks every day. A bar-full of drinks a day is normal to him. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he seems to proud. DUIs plaque them, yet they are unable to stop the urge to drink … he is a slave to alcoholic beverages. Whenever the master calls, he must answer and drink until he becomes tipsy or drunk.

Slaves to crack cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs; answering the master's call. Some have gone as far as enslaving their children too.

Some folks are proud users of 'curse' words. Ignorantly proud of themselves, they fail to realize it makes them look and sound stupid … they are enslaved.

Slaves of food – unable to stop the urge to eat whatever they see, whenever they come in contact with food, regardless of how stuffed they already are. Although we call them greedy or gluttons, they are slaves.


There are people who don't have time for family. On the road most of the time either heading to this job or that appointment, their kids are forced to grow up without meaningful relationship with their parents, raised by the school system, the neighborhoods or the television. If this is you, you are a slave to money.

Some cannot stop spending money; you find them shopping until they are broke. Can't resist the urge to buy things they don’t often need. Credit card bills pile up, while their savings accounts are dry, empty or none-existent.

If you must spend most of your time discussing other people, and can't help it … you are a slave to gossip.

Some end up in relationships where their partners treat them like crap. If this is you, then you are a slave to your partner.

The most important thing in life, is to recognize your errors and turn away from them.

It is impossible to be happy with yourself knowing you are in the wrong place, doing the wrong things.

If you find yourself in a pit, it is wise to stop digging and get out before it is too late.

Now is time to examine your life. Are you are a slave? What shackles hold you down?  Break loose and be free. Never be bound by anything anymore. I know it is never easy, but recognizing it is a great first step. Then ask God to show and lead you out of it. Get help. People who try to do it by themselves, usually end up worse off than when they started.

Like we all know, old habits die hard.

Remember, where there is a will there is always a way.

Our God is the God of impossibilities, there is nothing too difficult for Him. All it takes is believe – faith.

Kul Kuhla
[email protected]

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