WHO ARE WE? Thoughts on HAITI.

Stop and think

We all know what happened in Haiti yesterday. It is with so much pain and sorrow that I write this piece. Hope it touches everyone who comes across it.

Most of those who lost their lives never saw this coming. They were living their lives just like everyone else. Going about their daily activities, they might not even have thought about praying or praising God or reaching out to touch the lives of others. Meanwhile others were surely touching lives in every way they could.

The truth is, whether you touch lives or you don't care about others, a day will come when you will have to face death. What will happen after your life on earth: will you be remembered for the things you did or will you be forgotten the moment you are laid to rest?

This tragedy in Haiti is indeed an eyeopener. Let's do something positive with our lives today for tomorrow may be too late.

To those who made it through the earthquake in Haiti, I want you all to know we are praying for you. There is a reason and time for everything under Heaven. Take heart, your are not alone.  The world loves and care for you too. Remember God let you all live for a reason.

Let's all consider our ways.

Kul kuhla
[email protected]

To the victims of the quake, even if you don’t have anything, you do have hope and the presence of God. Accept our well-wishes.

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