Finding Passion in What You do

It is almost impossible to excel at anything that you haven’t embraced to be a part of your life. Most people embrace and commit to their careers, which they spend years studying and acquiring skills for, although most end up working jobs they do not like. It is possible to work your way up the corporate ladder at a job you dislike just because you possess the skills and ability to follow a system that the company owners have put in place. The average worker stays committed because of the promise of a paycheck at the end of the week or month. You perform your duties and so you get paid wages.

Now let’s flip the script to business ownership:

It’s totally different when you are in business for yourself. You are the one in control, you make the rules, set the pace and you earn from the results. To execute a business plan successfully, every business owner must be determined, disciplined and passionate about what they do. Discipline keeps you performing the duties that bring the checks in, determination on the other hand, keeps you pushing harder. Passion meanwhile fuels determination. So how do you develop the fire within your belly that keeps burning even through rough times?

Magic absolutely happens when you embrace your business and your whole being accepts the tasks at hand. In network marketing especially, folks dabble in, they want to see if this works, some expect to make a whole lot of money without doing any work. But there are those who do want to succeed, but can’t figure out how to excel. “I want it so bad, but I can’t seem to take off.”

Here are some tips that will help:

1. Give yourself reasons not to quit. It is absolutely important to have a ‘why’, a goal
that drives you towards success; something that will keep you up at night and make you cry until you achieve it. Why are you in the business? What is it that you are looking to accomplish, that can only most likely be accomplished through your business? It has to be bigger than just making more money … you can always make more money by finding another part-time job, you know. Some mothers get involved to earn additional income to be able to stay at home with their children; to earn additional income that will enable you move to a better neighborhood and upgrade your lifestyle; to set up a college fund for your children; do something for your family; help children in your local community, etc. Once you find a tangible goal and mentally attach it to your business, it will keep you connected to it. What will happen is, when doubts and weariness creep in, these reasons will jolt you
back to reality. “You can’t stop now, this has not been accomplished


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  1. I’m a physics teacher and i know what it means to do some thing you dislike. If you dislike some, i bet you will never excel in it as when you embrace it with all you have as love. Thanks a lot madam for this page because it is going to help a lot of people to start making good decisions. have a wonderful life and continue the good work but also talk about God in most of your writings because he his the provider of every thing.

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