MLM: When You Don’t Have The Support You Need

My Upline Doesn’t Support Me! What Do I DO?!

Like a baby who learns to crawl, then stands, then takes baby steps before walking properly, adults often need support whenever they embark on something new. In business, with our jobs and even in non-professional activities like marriage, parenthood, we tend to get tips and guidance from more experienced individuals.

In network marketing especially, this support is crucial for 3 main reasons:

  1. Most new distributors get involved without any real understanding of the industry. Mainly due to the promise of ‘learn as you earn’ as they are encouraged to get started even without indepth knowledge of what they are getting into.
  2. Most individuals who start have no knowledge of how to successfully run a business; never studied it in school and didn’t see business ownership as a part of their lives before this.
  3. Most new distributors lack the skill set required to move products and build a network.

These 3 reasons also happen to be why most fail in network marketing.

1. What are you really in need of?

The assurance that someone is going to be with you every step of the way, providing the support that you need is always there in the beginning. However, it is not uncommon for distributors once in the business to realize that that much needed support is not always forthcoming.

I can give you many reasons why, but that’s going to be another discussion. However, let’s stop and think about this for a minute: as a new, inexperienced distributor or downline, what do you really need? Ask yourself this tough question: Is it support or do you need someone to do the work for you?

Support is when you are doing all that needs to be done (following the system), and needing someone with more experience to finish or close your deals.

The only time you may need someone to help you do the work is in my opinion within your first 2 weeks in the business, when you are still a new-born baby distributor. In network marketing, a more experienced distributor or upline usually makes themselves available for quick start sessions where they show new distributors (downline) what it takes to be successful. Over the next couple of weeks the downline works closely with the upline in terms of acquiring  customers and business partners, giving them an opportunity to learn from the expert, after which new distributors must take control of their business.

However, even as you build your business, there’s that need to continue working closely with your upline leadership. The absence of this often-times leads to feelings of resentment, disappointment, helplessness and discouragement. Feelings that if you do not take control of immediately, may drive you to give up/quit. Remember that your feelings and thoughts serve as magnetic forces in your life. You are not looking to attract negativity. You want a productive, thriving business. So:

Take time off to determine in what area you need guidance specifically. The two activities that mainly fuel your network marketing business: customers and business partners. Do you need support planning home meetings, do you need support with services and products, do you need support presenting the opportunity? Whatever it is, find out exactly what areas you are looking for help in.

2. Then seek knowledge through:

  • Advance training conference calls – do you get on these at least weekly?
  • Area meetings and training events – do you attend these? Avail yourself to learn and acquire as much information as possible. It takes dedication.
  • Your company’s national training events. How many have you attended? Do you know that at these conventions you get training on EVERY aspect of your business? It is very very important that you attend every single one of them.
  • BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS. There is nothing you are trying to do that has not been done before. There are no challenges that you are facing that others haven’t faced and conquered before you. Most often these individuals put them in books. As an independent entrepreneur, books and now blogs like mine are your best friends. You will have to setup a resource library. All you do is identify areas where you think you need improvement, search books in that area and educate yourself. What I noticed was that conference calls and other company and team resources teach you the what to do but the how to is usually up to you. You will notice that my list of Books I Recommend which I put up on this blog some days ago, include books about the industry, how to sell, and how to talk to people. These are all necessary for your success. If you haven’t read these books, I strongly suggest that you do.

3. Be sure to implement what you have learned.

Network marketing is actually set up for distributors to succeed. The tendency however, is for most who get involved to pick and choose what aspects of the success system they want to follow. Once you compromise on any steps that are necessary for success in the industry, you just reduced your chances of success. But if you are serious, like thousands of network marketing distributors who find themselves in this situation, I want you to understand that your chances of making it are still very high.

My advice to you is: Never leave your success up to anybody. If you do, I can almost guarantee you that you will fail! No one has the power to make you truly successful. No one, except you. Yes, I have seen cases where distributors get to the top of the compensation plan because an upline helped them get there. But success is not only about getting to the top. It is getting to the top, staying at the top and helping others succeed.

It is not uncommon in network marketing for some upline leaders to take credit for team members’ success; to claim that without them, these representatives would not have made it. Simply not true, just empty ignorant talk. The one who does the work is the distributor themselves.

My baby walks today, not because of me – yes, I encouraged him, guided them, picked him up when he stumbled and fell but the one who made the effort and pushed himself on was that tiny little baby. Because of his inner strength and favor from the Almighty God, he walks now.

You are like that baby. You have it in you to make it; you do need the guidance and encouragement which you can get from the above mentioned tips; but at the end of the day, it is up to you to make it happen.

Here is a checklist for you:

  • Take control of your business. If it is to be done, it is up to you.
  • Commit to trainings and self-empowerment.
  • Find a mentor to GUIDE you (not do the work for you). Your mentors don’t have to be people you interact with physically. They might be authors whose books or material empower you or others who help you improve from afar. The advantage of having one you can talk to is for encouragement and feedback. Network marketing is a lonely business; it is important that you have folks in your business life you can talk to.
  • Execute your plan
  • Watch what happens … if you have an upline that did not give you the time of day in the beginning, immediately they begin to notice that your numbers are going up, they will come calling …

Never let your story be “I failed because Jane Doe my upline, did not support me!” That simply means you did not take control of YOUR business.

You are infinitely gifted and strong. You have all it takes to be great. Push yourself a little harder.


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