How to Deal with Pressure in Network Marketing

Taking Control

Like sports, it is not uncommon for business ownership to come with pressures, caused by several different factors ranging from how to juggle business and family to getting results that fuel your business.

Being a mother of three (7, 4 and 2 year olds), I had to find ways to factor my business into my life and still be there for my family, especially while my husband was working full-time. Obviously, ‘stay-at-home mom’ is a full time job in itself, building a serious business without taking away from your duties as parent and spouse can be challenging sometimes.

It is important to put everything in perspective for yourself first. Our circumstances are all different: different family set-ups, different reasons why we are in business, different income levels we are looking to generate, etc. The common thread amongst entrepreneurs (especially home-based business owners where you do not have employees working for you)  is that we are often forced to find some kind of balance.

I started in network marketing (Multi Level Marketing or MLM) because I desperately wanted to be home with my kids and raise them myself. For this to happen, our home-based business had to generate enough money to keep me from ‘jobbing’.

How do you take your business seriously, work it hard and still be there for your family? How do you deal with the pressure of staying on top of your game,while doing those things that are important to you?

Balance is the key word – in all aspects of your life; family, finances, emotionally, mentally. While pressure is good sometimes because it pushes you to be better, it can also be quite destructive; it has forced entrepreneurs to quit and go the easier route – JOB; it has broken families apart and turned sane men into workaholics.

Learning to deal with pressure brings satisfaction and peace. Here are some tips:

1. Maintain multiple forms of income.

One of the greatest MLM myths is that you can go full-time in a few short months. I don’t agree.

If you happen to have been without a job by choice before starting in network marketing and you are just looking for something to keep you occupied or generate a few extra hundred bucks a month, it makes sense to go full-time immediately.

Otherwise, do not quit your job yet! It takes years to build a solid residual income base in network marketing. While this is building at the back end, your network marketing income will pretty much be up and down. The checks you earn rise and fall with the momentum your team experiences. The more activity you have with new distributors signing in and more customers consuming, the bigger your checks will be. And vice versa. And so to keep the big checks coming, your foot has to constantly be on the pedal – at least during the first several years.

I would say when your residual income equals and or exceeds your monthly job money, is when you can consider quitting that job and going full-time. Healthy residual checks are guaranteed as long as the customers stay and more are added.

Diversifying your income as your MLM income grows is a very smart thing to do. If you are creative enough to be in network marketing, you might as well find other ways of adding to your income streams – real estate, traditional business or anything you are good in that supplements your network marketing income. Avoid getting involved in multiple network marketing ventures at the same time. My husband and I, we have a Tax firm, together with 5LINX and planning to expand even more this year.

Think of some of the most well known entrepreneurs we all know; Trump, Kiyosaki, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, etc … they do not lay all their eggs in one basket. How about MLM leaders in your company, those wonderful resource tools that they sell are a form of adding to their income.

2. Stick to your goals

It is very easy to get caught up in someone else’s lifestyle. MLM leaders flaunt their ‘wonderful’ lifestyles, the checks, the cars, the vacations, etc, which in most cases are real and most distributors, wanting a story that good move too fast and end up trapped in someone else’s dream. Always remember exactly what you are looking for in network marketing. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Have a game plan; stay grounded in who you are. Protect your mind; confusion is not such a good feeling.

My goal this year is definitely not to make a million dollars in my home business, because I know I am not prepared to do the things that will bring in a million dollars. Is it possible to make a million $? Yes. But am I ready to put in the work? No! My husband and I, our goal is to double our MLM income this year, which is already in the six figures.

What is your 2010 goal? Be realistic in the goals you set for yourself and stick to them. Don’t try to be someone else.

You too have a story that can move people, it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as the others.

3. Set some boundaries.

There is a tendency to work, work, work especially in ‘your thing’. You have the passion and the drive, but please do not burn yourself out.

Determining how may hours you plan to work per day goes a long way in making you feel in control. It gets pretty overwhelming when your phone rings all day because you do not have set hours. As a leader, you are expected to take calls at all times. “I called you and you didn’t pick up your phone.” they say and what they really mean is “How dare you not take my call, aren’t you supposed to be a leader?”

Yes I am a leader with a life.

Create some kind of order by having a to-do list and planning your day in advance. Order comes with a sense of calm and peace. Personally, I set aside 5pm -7 pm on most weekdays for homework with my kids. Anyone calling me between those hours will probably not get to me.

Deliberately add fun things to your life to take away the grind of daily work. I read books, watch movies and try to watch TV sometimes. As you can see, I don't exercise … but I am working on that this year. I understand its importance.

Schedule time for family, friends, and the things you love: outings and vacations.

It is OK to take a break sometimes. It is fun when your life is all round.

4. Maintain a calm, positive mind.

It is extremely aggravating to harbor anger, frustration, dislike, disappointment and other debilitating feelings and thoughts. Network marketing usually does not allow you to choose the people you get to closely work with. You get stuck in the organization you find yourself in – which you might like or not like. Folks more often than not will rub you the wrong way. Who says they wouldn't, if you were in the other team?

Take control and develop tolerance and patience. Discard negative feelings because they are totally counter-productive and attract negative things to you.

Learn to find complete happiness within you and everything else will become inconsequential.

Do not sweat the small stuff.

            I hope this helps and remember that it is your business and you are in control.


  1. Awesome! The timing is just right for this post. Thanks.

  2. Hello Lema and Albert, Again you hit the nail on the head, EXCELLENT blog Lema. I read them always and find them all helpful. Thanks.

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