A Prayer for Haiti

Through all trials & Tribulations, GOD is there with us

It is not news anymore that yesterday a category 7.0 earthquake struck the Haitian Capital of Port-au-Prince, causing panic, massive destruction of property, injuring thousands and has so far caused a great number of deaths.

When I woke up this morning, I was once more reminded of how blessed we all are. We have been given so much, although we often fail to recognize it.

I was reminded of millions in that little country whose lives were forever changed yesterday. A country that must now find a way to face this tragedy and help it's citizens deal with this and move on. A great humanitarian crisis of our time, in a nation of limited resources, Haitians all over the world hold their breathes, hoping loved ones are alive.

The tragedy in Haiti is being equated to Hurricane Katrina in terms of the devastating effects on the inhabitants of Port-au-Prince –  with bodies laying in the streets, people trying to dig others out of the rubble with bare hands, sounds of mourning and helplessness in the air, it is a great tragedy. Amongst the dead so far are Arch Bishop of Port-au-Prince, 15 U.N. Peacekeepers and thousands more, some of whom might never be identified.

Disasters happen and when they do, as a people, the world stops and lends a helping hand. Let's remember that even after these first couple of days, when the dust settles and our attention begins to shift to other areas, there still will be work to be done.

Let's stop and be thankful for each other, for family, for friends, for the amenities we enjoy,and especially for the gift of life itself.

Our hearts go out to Haitians all over the world. We extend our prayers and well wishes.

Personally, to my Hairdresser, my sister who is married to a Haitian, clients of my tax firm, and my business partners of Haitian origin, be strong in the Lord.

We love you, we are with you. Life is full of goodness, but when the challenges come, we must face them and handle them with faith. You will be O.K.

I want to share this song with you. It is one of my favorites. By the son of Haitian immigrants in Miami, it was one of the highest selling songs in 2009, reaching #1 in the United States and in other parts of the world. Here is Jason Derulo with Whatcha Say. Just a testament to how gifted Haitians are, touching lives across the world.

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