12 Things that Constitute Wealth

Challen3 This information comes from a training I attended at the beginning of my Network Marketing journey. It had such a profound effect on me
that I went through each of the 12 points one by one and found ways to apply them in my life. It helped paint a bigger, richer picture of what a meaningful life boils down to. The gentleman who did this training, is a mentor of mine; he
has been involved in the industry for several years and today he has one of the largest
organizations in 5Linx.

I have come to realize that financial gains do not make
people wealthy; it is being whole as a person that does … a realization rooted in the following 12 steps. I encourage you to grab a pen or print out this article and work on implementing them.

1. A Positive mental attitude: We discussed attitude last
month in the article entitled 'Attitude of a successful Entrepreneur'. The short of it is that being positive
attracts positive people and things to you. No one likes to be around negative
people. People will avoid dealing with you if you have a bad attitude. A positive attitude is the wealthy person's best friend.

2. Sound physical health: there is nothing like being
healthy. Good health should really be a priority for all who seek success; the gift of health enables us to be free of worry and energetic in pursuing our dreams. Little things we do consistently like drinking lots of water daily, exercising regularly, watching our diet … all go a long way. Sound physical health is priceless. Take care of your

3. Harmony in human relations: still goes back to being
positive and seeking to have good relationships with people around you. Human
relationships can get very complicated, but focus on building and maintaining
healthy positive relationships with those you can, especially those in your personal lives – family and
friends, and those you work with on a daily basis. It creates a healthy environment.

4. Freedom from fear: you must learn how to conquer fear
(F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal). Fear has the power to paralyze; it keeps us bound. Fear has absolutely no room in the life of a wealthy you. There is nothing you are
trying to do that has never been done before and so why do you fear? In business, one of the biggest fears that keeps entrepreneurs from realizing their
potential is fear of rejection. So what if someone says no? Overcoming Fear is
a huge part in marching forward towards the direction of your dreams.

5. The hope of future achievements: what are your dreams,
your hopes? Where do you see yourself one year from now, 5 years from now? What
homes do you want to live in, what parts of the world would you like to travel
to, what schools do you want your kids to attend, what charities would you be involved in, etc? Hope keeps your dreams alive. Working towards accomplishing them for the betterment of family and society constitutes wealth.

6. The ability to apply faith: A wealthy man believes he
can achieve anything he sets his mind to, he also understands that our human abilities very often only take us so far. Faith is hence the backing we need to step out and pursue our goals. Have faith in your God and believe in
yourself. Step up, step out  and be strong. If you have faith, you have power.

7. A willingness to share one’s blessings with others: The
more you give, the more you get. When you are blessed, be a blessing to others.
It brings immense joy and fulfillment. An open hand receives plenty in return, while a clenched fist closes off blessings.

8. Be engaged in a labor of love: Love and appreciate your
team members, the people you work with. Be driven by the need to help others achieve their goals. Remember that to be a strong leader, you must be willing to serve. Be compassionate and trustworthy. Wealthy people live a life way bigger than them … it's a life of impacting the world.

9. An open mind in all subjects towards all people: People
are different and they make decisions differently. Avoid being too opinionated and stuck on having things done your way. Respect for others and their thought processes helps expand the wealthy person's network. A one-track mind is not a component of wealth.

10. Complete self discipline: Yesterday, I posted on my twitter page that 'discipline is sticking to your commitments even when you don't feel like it'. It means having the courage to finish a task regardless of the obstacles we face along the way. It means being able to say "no" when necessary. It means doing what's right, even when no one's watching. Discipline is self-restraint. Discipline is a very potent component of wealth. It is one of the greatest and most admirable attributes anyone can ever have.

11. Wisdom with which to understand people: "People" – whether it's customers, consumers, business associates – make or break organizations. It's always about people … and these people have different personalities. Understanding these personalities and developing the skills necessary in getting along with them as a leader is important in creating wealth. Different people come into network marketing for different reasons; some just want to have fun, while building a business; others are all about the money; some are stay-at-home mothers looking for some extra income; others want the power and the fame of being at the top … all these variations make business building interesting, but also very challenging.

12. Financial security and stability: At the end of the day, everyone needs some kind of financial stability. Being wealthy requires making money, diversifying one's financial portfolio, and being smart with one's finances. Do your assets out weigh your liabilities or is it vice versa?

I guess it is right to conclude that true wealth is a combination of health, happiness, and financial riches.


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