Top 3 inspiring TV Ministers in 2009

The Leaders of God's Sheep

There are people from all walks of life who impact us in one way or another. Today, I am appreciating the men and women of God who have had an impact on my life in 2009. There have been many, but the top 3 televangelists who I watch almost everyday and who keep me grounded and encouraged I would like to share with you today.
Despite the fact that they have been in the spotlight for something negative at some point in their ministry, these indivduals continue to reach millions all over the world and I believe are vested in being good servants of God and effective teachers of the Word. In more ways than one, they have shaped and molded christians worldwide, leading millions to Christ.

Creflo Dollar

He is simply one of the best, if not the best teacher of the Word of God I know. This man, I believe has a special anointing in breaking down the Word in a practical manner, instilling understanding to all who listen to him. He is one I will never forget and I thank God for his life and for the calling HE has placed on him.
Despite all the controversies surrounding him, often because he is a 'prosperity' preacher, Pastor Creflo Dollar's teachings on FAITH several years ago helped me tremendously in discovering who I am as a child of God and the power that is me. From him I learnt that fear has no place in my life because I have faith.
I hesitate to pass judgement on anyone, especially Men of God and I say "Thank You."


Joel Osteen

Simply put, Joel Osteen is the best. Simple, gifted, humble, powerful Man of God. Joel Osteen has the ability to change your mood from "I am feeling bad today! Nothing seems to be moving the way it should. I am tired and discouraged…" to "I am a child of God. I am gifted beyond imagination! There is absolutely nothing I can't do and I am going to face the world and conquer!" 

During the lowest moments of my life these past years, I turned to his teachings and Pastor Osteen has had such a profound effect on me that I convinced my husband to name our last child JOEL (Jo-Jo). My prayer for this son of mine is that one day he will have the same effect on people in some form or other as JOEL OSTEEN has had on several million.
He has been criticized by many for not focusing more on the Word, people have questioned if he is truly a Pastor. I guess my message to them is "Let's stop trying to put people in boxes."

Joyce Meyer

She tells it like it is! I love this woman of God. Joyce Meyer shares her experiences and preaches about how to be good Christians in our day to day activities. For example, she talks about why you should always return your shopping cart to the right place after grocery shopping.
She inspires me to do right by God and the people I meet everyday. The one thing that always moves me about her is her involvement in missions. Listening to her is a constant reminder of my duties as a Christian.
Last year, she was one of few TV Pastors investigated by the senate for defrauding members of her church in order to live lavishly. I was disappointed when it was revealed that her commode alone costs $20,000 …  I must admit I stopped watching her for a couple of months, but then I woke up one day, asking myself who I was to judge. 
God constantly speaks to me through her and that is what really matters. I love Joyce Mayer. She is a powerful inspiration.


To all who have had a positive impact in our lives in 2009, let's take time off to say "Thank You."



  1. Troy Gramling… Lead Pastor of Flamingo Road Church. He’s making things happen for God’s Glory! 🙂 He just may make this list in years to come.

  2. ok. I had to skip the “intellectual discussion” and give my take on this one first, i will return and read yesterday article later in the day. and that because you mentioned Joel Osteen. When i first joined the church he leads almost 3 years ago, i went there mostly for the quality of music and praise and worship, little did i know that his encouraging messages week after week would carry me through what i can describe as the most difficult thing in my life. Bottom line Every leader has a different calling and hand can’t play the role of the leg, nor the right eye that of the left eye. I used to think that his messages are too “light” but boy did God used him to reveal himself as a loving Daddy or what? He has been called to make open the doors to the knowledge of God to people that otherwise would not care to even listen. And don’t get me started on Joyce Meyer and i am about to start yet another one of her book. Happy New year

  3. Mado, totally agree. You nailed it on the head: J.O. truly shows us the side of our loving daddy. God uses him in an amazing way. We all are unique and really very gifted.J.M. hmmmm hmmmm she is a powerhouse! Happy New Year to u too!

  4. ha, ha, ha Christina. Checking him out. He sure might. I have noticed how he comes very highly recommended by u and Vinnie. Thanks for ur input.

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