Do you know that the most powerful tool you have in life is your story? Yes, it is. Job-hunting or business-building, your story is your most effective success tool; it the one you have the most control over – you can create it, shape it and use it anyway and whenever you wish … and you don’t have to pay dime for it. YOUR STORY is unarguably one of the greatest tools that opens doors especially if it is backed by solid results. 

So very important, we also tend to overlook her importance. I think because we choose to focus on other obvious components of success such as sales skills, mindset, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the homes we live in; we read and quote from the ‘right’ … thinking people will be attracted to us based on how smart we are.

Today, I am releasing one of the most effective success tools ever known to man; it is one I have studied and continue to be fascinated by; it is YOUR STORY.

Whether you are mentoring children at a local school, speaking to a prospective employer, training a group of employees, or building a business, people always want to know who you are and why they should interact with you. The story you tell about yourself is always an important connecting factor to your audience. Your story brings listeners into your world and gives them an understanding of who and why. Your story is a huge determining factor as to whether people will do business with you or not.  

When I started in networking marketing (or Multi-Level Marketing – MLM), one of the first things I began to focus on was how to effectively present my business opportunity. I understood very early in my journey that good MLM presenters go on to achieve the most success.

Whether you are presenting to a roomful of people or talking to a person one-on-one, always begin by telling your story. It should include your name, a very short background on
who you are and what you do, how and why you got started in the
business, your journey so far, your vision – where you see yourself in a
few years.

You will begin to notice that: 

1.      Your story, no matter how humble, breaks down walls between you and your audience and makes them feel comfortable interacting with you.

2.      Your story simply draws people to you, especially if they can relate and see themselves in you.

3.      Your story offers credibility to you and makes you human, not just someone trained to impart a message.

4.      Your story brings your listeners into your world, so that they can see what you see.

Remember to always keep it brief.

You have a great story

Oftentimes, especially in the early stages of business, we fail to recognize that we have a story to tell about ourselves. There’s a tendency at this stage to unconsciously tell another person’s story (someone we admire or look up to), often neglecting to tell ours. This presents two problems:

1. The person in front of you doesn’t know who you are and why they should do business with you or even take you seriously.

2. You may come off sounding like a cheerleader or groupie out to promote someone else. Worse off, this may leave your listeners wondering why you haven’t had that kind of success yourself … maybe you are not strong enough or knowledgeable enough to help them succeed, they start to think. People want to do business with successful people, who know what they are doing. 

You may be thinking, well if I am just starting off and don’t have such a great story, what am I supposed to do? True, the world today is impressed and moved by great stories of success and glamor. Often times in network marketing, people want to be assured that the plan works and ordinary people are experiencing success with the company. I can assure you that however humble a story you have, there are people who will be drawn to you.


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  1. Hello Lema and Albert I want you to know I read all these entries but this one really touched me. you are 100% correct, my story will be a serious help to a lot of people. So from this point on I will work on my story. Thank you very much.

  2. Do you want me to tell your story? Do you want to tell your story yourself? As you can see with examples on the website, folks can tell a lot with a small amount of words.

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