A New Year Message to You from Kul

Every New Year comes with a lot of success and some failures. Many people fail because they make a New Year resolution and forget all about it in the first 30 days of the year.

Today I am challenging you to start a New Year Revolution.
Every great country succeeded because they had a revolution.

So look inside you, determine what your short comings are, and start working on them.  For if you don't revolt against them, your New Year will still be like last year or even worse.

Take more chances, life without risks is worthless.

Stop living in a box, get out there and expand your wings. For when you are too casual in life you end up being a casualty.

Stop playing safe, 'cause there is no safe place out there.

Keep this in mind "U can't get out of life alive."

Start thinking about enjoying a decade, say this with me "this is my decade", for just one year is too small for you.

Begin your planning today, for failing to plan is planning to fail.

I wish you Happy Holidays with many, many prosperous and happy New Years.

Kul Kuhla
[email protected]

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