Life is full of surprises; some pleasant, others not so pleasant. Imagine waking up every morning expecting to have a great and fulfilled day; looking forward to discovering what that day has in store for you; savoring it, delighting in it and being thankful when it comes to an end. Don't they always say life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'll get? Everyday brings about a unique experience, everyday is a gift to be enjoyed.

But how many of us truly have the chance to wake in the morning, delighted and looking forward to a great day? Most of us usually can't wait for our days come to an end.  Reality is, most folks wake up to an alarm clock, jump out of bed and rush out to a job and boss they can't stand for the most part of their lives. To them, life is a series of unexciting, stressful, un-fulfilling, daily activities they must perform for various reasons.

It's a very different story when your life is directed by purpose, when the things that drive you are bigger than you and grant you happiness and joy as you perform them.

What is your purpose on this earth? Why did God place you on earth? What is it you REALLY should be doing? What bothers you at night when you go to sleep? What dreams have you shoved under the rug all because you have let others program you into survival mode?

Unfortunately, the answer to these questions, most people don't get to find out in their lifetimes … either because they never find the time, or because they don't give themselves permission to seek this purpose and live by it.

If this was your final hour on earth, and you had the chance to look back and evaluate your life, would you say "I played my part, I am happy." or would it be "I have left a lot undone. There is so much more I could have done!"?

True, there will always more to be done, but in living a purposeful life, your everyday adds value and happiness to someone else's life. This in turn brings fulfillment and happiness to you.

Take time to define your purpose. As you internalize it and seek ways to live by that purpose, God will direct you towards the path of its realization. This to me, is the foundation of success.

Have you noticed that most successful entertainers are driven by a need to deliver the best to their fans in music, movies, dance, etc? The most loved Pastors are those who continuously give back and dedicate their lives to the care of their flock; the most successful network marketers are those who make it about their team members; the most admired nurses focus entirely on their patients; and the list continues.

When your life's experience is about more than just you and your needs, then truly you are a gift to mankind. Are you?

I tell you this, it is easier to live that purpose-filled life when money is not an issue, when you are not too busy worrying about paying your bills and providing for the basic necessities of your life.

But if you find your purpose and work towards it, the money will come. They both feed off of each other.

I will end with these words from Aristotle "When a person acts in accordance with his nature and realizes his full potential, he will do good and be content."

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