What’s so interesting about energy is how you can clearly tell a person’s feelings, emotions and intentions by their energy. There are many instances when making a determination of who is who in our lives presents a bit of a challenge. For example, does this person genuinely care about us,Continue Reading

Love… I hear it in your voice, I see it in your eyes, I feel it in your presence. Love… el-oh-ve-ee Alongside passion, love brings calm; with her tears, we find happiness; in our hearts, we feel alive. Love starts IN us love is with us, and, love is ForContinue Reading

The quality of my life changed in amazing ways when I learned to simplify and clarify. A few years ago, I got to a point where I knew that I needed to simplify my goals, views and lifestyle. Simplify my relationships, expectations and business dealings. I needed clarity on whatContinue Reading

Dear blog family, I have recently added a new category titled ‘Self-care and Self-love’ on the blog. Since we have been discussing success and inspiration for years, I thought we should now include a section that focuses on us and how we pay attention to ourselves. In my work asContinue Reading

Sports has always been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. I wasn’t your typical in-your-face type athlete, but I loved getting involved in sports activities and staying active. I joined our secondary school volleyball team during my early teen years and became aContinue Reading