I recently discovered the benefits of stretching on the body. Yesss… not until recently *smiles*. I have a long history of exercising consistently. At first – a few years back, my main form of exercise was jogging in the park, plus a few gym sessions now and then. But ofContinue Reading

Before you can get to the places you strive to be in, you need to be able to see yourself there first. This is why successful leaders often visualize. The following text is from my latest book How To Work For Yourself: DEVELOP A SOLID VISION OUT OF YOUR DREAMSContinue Reading


That baseball glove! You know, you can tell how much a person is passionate about a thing by what they surround themselves with. I kid you not, if you walk into our home on any given day, you will easily pickup on the fact that my kids are athletes. ForContinue Reading