The quality of my life changed in amazing ways when I learned to simplify and clarify. A few years ago, I got to a point where I knew that I needed to simplify my goals, views and lifestyle. Simplify my relationships, expectations and business dealings. I needed clarity on whatContinue Reading

Dear blog family, I have recently added a new category titled ‘Self-care and Self-love’ on the blog. Since we have been discussing success and inspiration for years, I thought we should now include a section that focuses on us and how we pay attention to ourselves. In my work asContinue Reading

Sports has always been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. I wasn’t your typical in-your-face type athlete, but I loved getting involved in sports activities and staying active. I joined our secondary school volleyball team during my early teen years and became aContinue Reading

Have you ever gotten to a point in life where you feel as though not much is going right? It is safe to say that most adults get to that place at least once in their lifetimes. A few years ago, I was there myself – I had come toContinue Reading